Saturday, April 25, 2015

Your feedback welcome!

Every extra minute of the day is spent getting Ying Yu Jade moved over to the new format.  It's not difficult, but it is so time consuming.  I can copy and most the text into the new format, and add the old photo, and when I get done, take new photos. The new format has space for multiple photos.  And as I'm working, I'm getting a customer perspective of how the present shopping cart area of YYJ doesn't always work correctly.  On some web browsers, the photos of the product actually move around, and change so the photo you see is not the photo that was loaded there.  Tech support denies there is a problem.  And without tech support, you don't have a decent web site.  I had hoped the "new YYJ" would be ready for launch this Monday, April 27, but I don't want to overdose on work, so now aiming toward the end of April.  But if you use a bookmark to go to YYJ, and one day it doesn't work, or you get a strange message about not finding it, wait a day or two because the domain name will be transferred and it takes a few hours for everything to get in place. You might try the web address   and then make a new bookmark.

I've started getting feedback, and thank you very much.  One of the concerns customers have is not being able to find out "what's new".   I had a link and set up on the present site that you could go to the shopping cart, and new products would be listed first.  I think on the JadeHeaven web site, you can search by "newest to oldest", but not sure because as administrator, I have a different access to search results.  The JadeBangleBracelets web site doesn't have a newest-to-oldest search.  And it looks like YYJ might not have that option either.  I called tech support for the new format, and she tried some change to the template theme, and thinks that kind of search is a good idea, and perhaps will offer it in the future.  When she looked at YYJ in it's development stages, she suggested something I have been thinking about:   having a category to introduce new products.  Since being able to know "what's new" is important to you, I am determined to offer that option.

So keep your comments coming.  Only one was posted on this blog, and it was SPAM.  I have the blog set up that comments posted need to be approved.  There are some totally strange comments, not related to this post or jade, and vulgar, or related to scams, so I want to approve comments first.  And if you want to comment, but don't want the comment to go public, write a note in the comment that it's private and it will stay private, only I will see it.
Post your comment, you won't see it until it gets re-posted by me, but I will share your
comments within 1-2 business days.  Thanks!

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