Monday, April 27, 2015

New Ying Yu Jade web site

It is  exciting and scary ending the Ying Yu Jade web site that most of you are familiar with, since 2003.  I feel loyalty to all the people at the web hosting company who helped make Ying Yu Jade the best jade business!  But with the demand for web sites being
viewed on mobile devices, the older technology wasn't up to date.  The new Ying Yu Jade will be mobile friendly for viewing and ordering.  Some of you will applaud that you can order off your mobile phones, and especially Apple products now without any glitches.  You will be able to search.  For example, if you are looking for a jade bangle that's 56mm size, you enter    56mm    in the search box, and it will show you what's available.  Or if you are looking for Year of the Sheep jade pendant, you can enter   sheep   and the results will show.  And your credit card will be more safe on this site.  I will never receive any of your credit card information.  The information I receive is only the risk factor of the credit card being used.  I simply accept the payment, without knowing any of your credit card information.

Some long time customers who have looked at the JadeHeaven web site which is on the new format were disappointed that they can't see the items that are newly listed.  There are two ways to see what's new.  You click on the Collection, then you can search by several options, include new-to-old.   Your feedback inspired me to add at "What's New" category so you don't miss anything.  And the Daily Special will continue.

It's very close to being completely set up.  But you may notice that the Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets aren't listed yet.  With the new format, more than one photo can be shown.  So we're going to add them back, first checking to make sure they are in stock and haven't been sold but not removed.  We will test them all again to make sure they are genuine jade and jadeite.  Then take photos.  The new additions may have more than one photo, items that are already listed have one photo, but another may be added as we get up and running.

We hope you enjoy the new Ying Yu Jade web site, genuine and natural jade, jadeite purchased prior to the Lantos embargo, so it's wonderful quality, very rare to find the old mine jadeite.    YingYuJade     It may take awhile for the domain
name to catch up with the new site, but all should be in place by April 29.

And for more great quality jade, visit Jade Heaven.

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