Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter weekend is often a time for reflection.  It's spring, and a time for new beginnings. And it's also a time when we might experience grief from losses in our lives.  Today is the anniversary of a tragic accident that claimed the lives of three friends many years ago, but on April 4 I always think about them, and even after all this time experience grief.  When I was getting dressed for the day, and deciding which earring to wear, I chose white lily dangle earrings, the white and the lily feels comforting to me.  If you wear jade for balance, this is a good time to wear your white jade.  It's related to the lung meridian (Chinese medicine) and lung is metal element.  When lung is out of balance, as it often is during spring and pollen season, feelings you  may experience are grief, sadness.  That inspired me to put a soothing, peaceful jade necklace I had custom made, but are so pretty I've been hoarding them, giving as special gifts to special people, and of course wearing one myself. It's a lotus cluster made from jade beads with little carved jade peanuts cluster below the lotus.  The white jade feels so balancing, and it's beautiful.  I posted it yesterday, quantity is limited, so if you want a healing jade piece, something perfect for spring, this is it.
Jade Lotus Necklace   Click the ling.  By the way, if you get a message that the link is not secure, that's only because I transferred the complete URL to the store yesterday and it takes 2-3 days for all the servers to catch up.

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