Friday, April 10, 2015

I pulled another box of jade bangle bracelets from storage this to get photos taken and list them on the web site.  This box is the newer jadeite bangles with certificates.  The good news is some are already listed, and more will be added daily.  The bad news is there are some I just can't live without and pulled them to keep for myself.  You would think after 16 years of buying jade bangle bracelets and having my choice of all these lovely jades I would have found my "perfect jade bangle bracelet".  Wrong.  I personally like white or light green jade with deeper green veins.  And cleavage lines, or even cracks, are fine because they add to the natural-ness of the jade.  I had blood drawn for lab work earlier this week, and the lab tech wanted me to remove my jade bangle (???) and I refused.  She said that she understands about Chinese and Asian women wearing jade and refusing to remove the bangle, but not a "regular American" woman being attached to her jade bangle.  I was thinking about the marvel of a boulder of stone being carved into a jade bangle, and then being on a wrist.  How fortunate we are to be able to have a piece of nature to become a part of us.  The jade bangle in the photo on my wrist is a perfect example of a boulder from nature. It truly looks like stone. There is some translucence so you can see the veins through it. The color ranges from white to light green, and there are some very soft hues of lavender and honey.  The big deep green vein goes from the outside to the inside and there are some smaller veins the same coloring throughout.  If I list it, the price will be around $888.  If you want to buy it "off my wrist", it's yours for $500.  It's 51mm inside diameter and 15mm wide.  My ideal size is 53mm and I have to put it on and take it off with a plastic bag underneath it, but as you can see, it fits close to the wrist.  And feels wonderful!

For reference, the number is #626, and includes certificate.  I may get very attached to it, so therefore the low  "off my wrist" price for a limited time. Money order or check payment.
Contact me at jadeheaven88 @

It's not the "perfect" jade bangle for me, but comes pretty close. 

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