Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chinese Wellness and Jade For May

The month of May is related to the Wood element in Chinese medicine.  Wood is related to the liver and gallbladder meridians. 

The Wood element has to do with growing, living entities, such as trees, plants, and human bodies. The Wood element also governs the Liver and Gall Bladder. The Liver has to do with planning and decision-making, so you may feel a new sparkle and vitality in the spring. You may even be inspired to act upon new ideas. The essence of spring and the Wood element is birth and new beginnings. The Wood element governs your mental clarity and your ability to focus, plan, and make judgments. When a person has a Wood imbalance, it is much tooeasy to make poor decisions and become disorganized. When the Liver is out of balance, it can direct energy upwards to create headaches, neck and upper back tension, or even rage and depression. That’s right – the Liver not only spreads Qi (energy) to your other organs like a distributor, but it is also in charge of the smooth flow of your emotions.

The emotions of anger and frustration are related to the Wood element, and many people don’t know how to release their emotions in a safe way. Suppressed emotions can cause serious health problems, and suppressed frustration and anger specifically injures the liver and gall bladder. Did you know that acupuncture works for emotional problems too?
The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it perfectly integrates the mind-body-spirit connection. In fact, did you know there is no distinction between the mind and the body in the Chinese language? In Asian culture, they were always assumed to be connected

If you wear jade to balance your body qi, this is the time to wear your "spring green " color jades. This pattern is visually beautiful, fresh green balances the body, mind and spirit during May.The colors of this jade correspond to the organ qi, and balance you as look at it visually, and wear it. 

Jade is one of the gem stones for May, as is emerald.  If you are a "May Baby", a combination of both green jade and green emeralds is not only beautiful, but is also healthy and healing to wear.  

Jade Heaven


  1. What color of jade would you recommend for someone who works in the cosmetology field?

  2. Most people are attracted to the color of jade that has the best energy for them. If you're not sure, I recommend green jade because that's the classic color for overall health and wellness. If you need more energy in your life, choose a darker green color. If you need more peace, calmness, then a lighter green will help balance you.