Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tantra and the Jade Egg

I was recently contacted by a yoga teacher who is also a tantra teacher, and has a "Seven Day Jade Egg Tantra Secrets" class next week.  It looks like she is still taking reservations over the weekend, and I told her Monday is the last day I can mail the jade egg to be sure the participants would receive it by the day of the class.  If you are interested in learning more about the jade egg and how to improve sexuality using it, contact Psalm Isadora for more information about the class.

The jade egg is considered to be sacred, and I learned about using the jade egg during my trips to China to learn about Chinese medicine and wellness.  We also sell the eggs in sets of three sizes, and there is a Daoist form of "vaginal kung fu", using the egg to weight lift to improve the strength of the vagina.  It's basically kegel exercise, but you can do much more with the single jade egg, or set of three. You can purchased either undrilled eggs, or eggs drilled with a hole, you can attach a string, or unwaxed dental floss, for techniques.  When you purchase the jade egg(s) through Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven, you receive basic kegel exercise instruction, and how to care for your sacred jade egg.  But if you look on YouTube or surf the internet, there's so much more to learn.

I personally use the medium size 30mm undrilled jade egg.   I prefer the intact egg, with no hole drilled in it, and do basic kegel exercise with it.  It helps me in so many way, including keeping moist (no more vaginal dryness), I can sleep all night without having to get up to urinate, and don't have that "gotta go" urge during the day, and doing the kegel exercise also keeps my stomach flatter and tighter. 

If you purchased only one item from Ying Yu Jade, I would recommend the jade egg. 

We also sell the jade ben wa balls, which are interesting and fun to use, and use with a partner.  There are a variety of options and you can check them out on Ying Yu Jade,
and Jade Heaven

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