Saturday, May 9, 2015

"The Jade Bracelet"

I was looking at referrals to the Ying Yu Jade web site today, and one of them came from  "Literature My Faithful Teacher".   I went to the web site, and found a story from a book named "Twenty Two Malaysian Stories", and the focus was on one of the stories, "The Jade Bracelet". 

There are 8 pages of the story you can read at that link. 

I noticed there were several photos of jade bangle bracelets, all borrowed from Ying Yu Jade web site.  It bothered me that some of the photos were enhanced (just like real jade!) and it makes the photos look like color treated jade bangles.  But I was impressed that the photos she used were Ying Yu Jade's, because they depict what her image of a really good and classic jade bangle bracelet looks like.

Then I searched online for more information.  It's not easy to find more about the book and story. 

Here's one of the pages in the search.  Check out the jade bangle.  It's Ying Yu Jade classic Chinese round style jade bangle bracelet. 

I spent way too much time continuing the search, curious about the grandmother was wearing.  It's the kind of jade Chinese people wore for centuries before Burmese jadeite was introduced in the 19th century.  And you can still get a jade bangle like that today. 

If you want one, I suggest getting one now because I can't get this good quality of green, natural color Chinese jade anymore.  It's getting scarce, and the jade carvers are starting to color treat.  They never had to color treat the Chinese jade, but now there is very little green, translucent color available.   And I think that's very sad.  


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