Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why does jade feel so good?

Since Amazon was having a special sale today, I thought maybe people want to start their holiday shopping early, or maybe they need something special for themselves.  So Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven both have "Halfway through July" sales today, that continue until 8PM EST tomorrow.  Like Amazon, select products are on sale at half price. 

Several customers who  made purchases today commented that they were happy to buy a piece of jade at half price and couldn't wait to receive it.  They commented about how jade makes them feel so good, it's like a drug and they are addicted.  Long time blog readers know we call that "Jade Affective Disorder" or JAD!  

So why does jade feel so good?  Is it  like every other purchase, the thrill of buying something new?   Commenting as a psychologist, I say yes, buying something new often makes one feel good.  But the good feeling doesn't last long, and sometimes there is guilt or regret for compulsive shoppers.  But jade is different.  Jade has qi energy.  You know how when you look at a photo of the jade, you feel really, really attracted to certain pieces?  That's because it has the qi energy that's right for you.  Your eyes see it, send a message to the brain, and then if it's right for your qi energy, it's almost like you drool when you see it (more qi working for you).   Again, a comment as a psychologist, that response is stimulation of your endorphins, the "feel good" hormones your body produces.  Pain medicines act on the endorphins to help relieve pain.  When you're miserable,  if you are doing natural techniques to manage your physical and emotional pain, you know certain things you can do to feel better, like taking a walk, doing yoga, visiting with a friend.  Here's a good one: looking into the eyes of sweet dog.   Or touching your jade.  If you are wearing a jade bangle bracelet with the right qi energy for you, you touch your jade and it raises your endorphins.  Another advantage to a jade bangle bracelet is that it stimulates the acupuncture points around  your wrist to help your qi flow more smoothly.

 A long time jade bangle wearer who had to remove her jade bangle while she completed chemotherapy for cancer contacted me because her body changed and her jade bangle didn't fit anymore, and didn't feel right energetically.  We found a wide cuff jadeite bangle that made her "drool" when she looked at it and she felt she needed all the acupuncture point stimulation of the wide cuff of jade to get her qi balanced after her cancer and chemo.

A 17mm wide "cuff" of jade like in the photo above felt heavy but stimulating. The lighter yin color helped balance all the yang of the cancer and the chemo.  The tiny "hong" Chinese red veins had qi energy for balancing her heart and especially her spleen meridian to get her stomach feeling better again, and return to healthier eating habits. 

That's why you see qi energy descriptions in most of the jade bangle bracelet descriptions.  I learned about jade and qi during my Qi Healing training both in USA and China.  In my work as a psychologist and counselor, I realized people with emotional pain almost always had physical pain, too.  I learned Reiki, Qi Healing, and combined it with cognitive behavioral therapy to help people feel better. And I always had small jade carving in my office for clients to touch, feel. 

Many people wear jade as "medicine".  If you get the qi from the jade that benefits you the most, it really does help you to feel better. And even when you are feeling very good, playing with your jade, touch it, holding it,  can make you feel even more happy. 

Jade shopping is not just shopping for fun.  It's a purchase that will help you feel better, balance qi for body, mind and spirit. 


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