Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jiuquan Chinese "Luminous" Jade

Cleaning up the office today, and as often happens I found a small box of jade bangle bracelets I had stashed away a few years ago.  I had a couple of them on the Ying Yu Jade web site and decided to add a few to JadeBangleBracelets.  The Chinese jade is from Jiuquan, China and is also called "luminous" jade.  It's very deep green, almost black when you look at it.  It was used for centuries to make cups, and gaiwan cups for tea. When the jade is carved very thinly, light shines through it and gives it a radiant and luminous appearance. 

My jade man was in that part of China a few years ago and met with one of his carving friends who makes this kind of jade cup.  He knows he can sell me almost any kind of unique jade bangle bracelets, and they carved up some jade bangles out of left overs from the cups.  This kind of jade is usually not used for bangles because bangle shape is too
thick to show off the luminance.  They must have spent a lot of time making these, because they had to be made rather thin, yet be strong enough to be durable for a bangle.  Some that I have are very thin and wide, and really show off the luminance nicely.  Some are thin around the edges and thicker in the center to have durability.  And they could hardly wait to show them to me!  In the middle of the night (12 hour time difference) my iphone kept dinging my "jade guy" ring, and I woke up to see them.  I'm sure they could hear my shriek of delight half way around the world, and of course I gladly paid for them all.

These Jiuquan jade bangle bracelets are for jade lovers. The energy varies in them because some are thinner and more translucent.  They are yang because of the color, and it's the luminousness that changes the qi energy.  The price is higher than regular Chinese jade, and each one is hand carved and different. 

Notice the luminescence through the front part of the jade bangle.

Very limited supply.  There are a few more in inventory that will be added when I get feedback from customers who purchase these.  You can see some of the luminescence in parts of these jade bangles, difficult for the camera to capture it.

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