Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Costume Jade Jewelry"

I was searching on ebay for RFID credit card holders to protect my credit cards.  It's unbelievably irresponsible of credit card companies to not be as secure with technology as they are in European countries.  But it's not the credit card company that takes the loss when cardholder information is hacked and fraudulent credit card use happens.  It's the merchant who pays the price by losing not only the product they sold but paying the hefty chargeback fee required by merchant accounts.  I'm sure I'm not the only online business that loses an incredible amount of money because of this.

Anyway, I noticed many of the RFID credit card holder packs were being shipped from China, and that's about the last country I want to purchase anything that that is security related.  I read a news story about a new fake Apple store that opened in China and sold more than 150,000 fake iPhones before it was closed.  And last week when I was sorting through the "silk" scarved I purchased in China several years ago, not one of them was real silk.  A name brand rain jacket I purchased during a downpour in Beijing fell apart a couple days after I bought it.  "No returns", I was told when I took it back to the seller.  It's very sad for Chinese business people who truly want a legitimate business because they are a tiny minority in the "fakes" Chinese business culture. 

So it's no surprise that jade sold on ebay is not real jade.  And what's even more disturbing to many of us "jade lovers" is that most people don't know what the good quality, genuine and natural jadeite looks like.  The modern jadeite stone of today is pretty, but the quality is nothing special.  It's like the "costume jewelry of jade" today.  Just like the days of affordable good quality gold, sterling silver, and diamonds are gone, so is the good quality of jadeite.

A long time customer who has purchased enough jade bangle bracelets from YYJ over the years to have her own jade business still loves to buy jade.  But she's aware that some jadeite has real value that is actually an investment because it's so rare to find now.  So
she asks about the jade bangles she's interested in.   The investment quality jadeite on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven is listed in the "old mine" or "lao pit" collections.   That jadeite was mined prior to the year 2000 and has qualities about the stone that the modern jade doesn't have.  It's difficult to explain because it's based on "gemology Daoism", the appearance having the energies that give jadeite it's unique quality.   Another jade lover
and long time customer sent me a link to a Burmese gemologist explaining this, and it's similar to what's been written in these blogs, but also comes from the Burmese point of view regarding the stone and the value.  I will post that article soon.

Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle Bracelet
Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

Yes, most of the old mine, the lao pit jadeite bangle bracelets on Jade Heaven and YYJ are priced more than $1000.  When you buy our jade, you truly do get what you pay for.  And the prices are actually much lower than their true value, as I hear from my two jadeite experts in China who give me no end of grief for pricing them so low, and wishing I would bring it to China to sell to them because even they can't purchase this quality anymore. I bought it when I had a "real job", using every dollar I could spare to buy up jadeite bangle bracelets to accumulate enough to leave my job to do jade business full time.  I didn't know a jadeite embargo was being passed in Congress, or political problems in Burma would change the price of jadeite, or that the old mine jadeite was getting more scarce.    I was just crazy about jade, and it turned into a business and an investment. 

If you want "costume jade", buy the cheap jade on ebay.  If you want a precious, old mine good qi energy jadeite bangle bracelets, shop at YYJ and Jade Heaven.  I'll be listing more of these kinds of jade over the next few weeks because I still haven't added all the older jade bangles that were on the "old" web site when we changed to the new site.

Old Mine Lao Pit Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

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