Sunday, July 5, 2015

When Working Feels More Like Healing than Work

Although I had house guests last week and very busy with July 4 holiday fun, I took a break to cool off in my office and listed a few new jadeite pendants on the Jade Heaven web site.
After being outdoors in 97 degree heat, the jade felt so cool to touch as I measured it, described it for the listings.

Some jade pendants I couldn't stop touching.  They felt so good.  There were two larger jade pendants that could also be used as small carvings that fit so perfectly in my hand and was a comfort to hold.  That's good qi energy!

The jadeite pendants listed today were all old mine lao pit jades from the Qing Dynasty that I have been hoarding since I bought them.  The look so nice, feel so good, of course they are jades I love personally.  My favorite jade pendant I listed today was a "Buddha Foot" deep green 3-D pendant.  It has a crab carved on the top of the foot, symbol of Enlightenment. That one felt really good to touch and hold and I carried it around most of the day, until it went into its "box".  It really should get purchased so it's on a body, not in a box.

Handling the jade pendants this afternoon didn't feel like "work".  It felt like a mindful spiritual experience and when I finished I felt relaxed, calm and refreshed.  Now that's good jade qi energy.

View them all on Jade Heaven.

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