Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Options for Jade Pendants

One of the things customers often ask for when they purchase jade pendants is "what to add to it" to make it wearable right away.  Jade pendants are carved slightly different. Most have a hole at the top through which a "dragon whiskers" silk cord or a metal bail can be attached.  But some jade pendants have holes the complement the design, and can accommodate only a silk cord or a hand wired bail.  One of my jade-loving customers shared her "bail drama" with her jeweler with me, and the experience motivated me to add more options for jade pendants so you can wear it as soon as you receive it, or give as a gift.

I went to a jewelry trade show this past weekend and spent the day looking at bails that can be attached to jade pendants.  I have some simple silver bails that a friend who lives nearby can attach for me when I get an order requiring bail installation, and she told me what she could work with.  So I purchased different bails and chains.  I added gold color bails and chains to the options you can now purchase.  Some are fancy.  Some are being shipped to me because the seller showed them to me, but didn't have any at the show to sell.  You would be amazed at the piles of jewelry findings that are for sale at these shows!  It was fun searching for good quality metals, and chains at attractive prices I can offer.

There are also new chains, ranging in 16-20" length and leather cords.  You can see them in the "Pendant Options"  category on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven web sites. 

As I mentioned, jade pendants are hand carved and have different options for bails.  When you order, we will see how it all works together, and let you know if there is a problem.

I hope these bails, cord and chains make shopping for your jade pendants more enjoyable. Thanks for your feedback to let me know what is helpful to you.  Much appreciated!

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