Friday, July 10, 2015

Jade for July

One of my friends texted me this afternoon while she was sitting with her husband who has been hospitalized for three days, and not getting better.  She needed some moral support and friendship, so I went to visit with her.  Whenever someone is not feeling well, or having emotional distress, my first instinct is to find a piece of jade that will be helpful to them.  When I'm not sure what's going on with them, the jade "worry stone" is my go-to choice.  When I give the worry stone, they start stroking it and feeling better, calming themselves.

Ying Yu Jade "worry stone"

My girlfriends all have jade and wear it often.  This week I noticed the two jade bangle wearers had on their natural Chinese jade bangle bracelets.  I took off my everyday jade bangle earlier this week and started wearing the Chinese jade bangle.

Genuine natural Chinese jade bangle bracelet  "water jade"  
It's sometimes called "water jade" because of the translucent green color.  And that's the kind of jade that has good qi energy for hot July.  July is the month with the most "yang" and soft yin jade helps to balance the body.  Yin jade reduces agitation, nervous and heat exhaustion and helps the body to cool for better sleep.  Yang July also upsets the spleen meridian, causing stomach upset, overeating.  I tend to eat a lot of ice cream in summer, and I have lactose intolerance for which I take a Lactaid when I eat ice cream, but my stomach still gets slightly upset.  So if I know I'm having ice cream, I add a yellow jade bead bracelet to my "water jade". 

When I took the above photo today of my yin jade bangle on my wrist, moving it around the acupressure points on the wrist helped me to not get too much heat while I was taking the photo outdoors in the 97 degree heat of the day. 

I had this carved jade bangle made for me more than 10 years ago, and even though Chinese jade is not as hard as Burmese jadeite, it is still in very good condition.  So are the jade bangles my girlfriends were wearing this week.  None of our jade has scratched, chips or cracks, and here in hot Florida, we wear them a lot. 

So if you wear jade as medicine, choose light green jade for July.  White jade is also a good choice for its "summer white" yin qualities, very calming.  And add yellow jade if your stomach feels uneasy in the heat. 

This weekend we are offering free shipping for orders $100+ on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven web sites.   As a bonus, you will also receive a 10% discount coupon good on your next order.   We're only half way through summer, so cooling yin jade is a good choice now.

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