Friday, July 17, 2015

Now you can buy Ying Yu Jade on Facebook

It's taken weeks to get it figured out, but finally, Ying Yu Jade products are now on Facebook so you can purchase them directly from Facebook.

Buy Ying Yu Jade on Facebook

The jade is  not organized into categories like on the web site, there is no orderly option to do that on Facebook, but everything is listed.  If it works out good, I will do the same with Jade Heaven.  Right now I'm working on getting Jade Heaven products listed with a button so you can purchase them directly from Pinterest. The message I get from Pinterest is that my inventory is in the queue waiting to get posted.  I'm guessing there are many other businesses trying to get listed on Pinterest since this option became available only this month.  This "old dog learning new tricks" is a lot of work, but to me, it's more fun than work.  It's a challenge mentally and with technology, and amazes me when I finally get something to work. And it's one of those things that makes me feel good when accomplished, another "endorphin raiser".

A blog reader asked my about the comment I made about jade making you feel good.  It's the comment about looking into a dog's eyes.  I read a medical article about patients in hospitals, nursing homes and therapy programs having access to "helper dogs".  My mother is in an assisted living facility, and tells me about the dogs visiting every month, and that some residents get very excited about having contact with the dogs.  Looking into the eyes of a sweet dog was shown to raise endorphin levels and alleviate pain in patients.  Maybe that's why I have kept this jade pendant on my desk, and played with it a lot prior to listing it last week.

"Yang Dog Protects, Brings Luck" JHP77 on Jade Heaven  
I'm not a dog owner, but really got attached to this jadeite pendant.  It's very unique and it must have good qi energy for me, because it makes me feel good to touch it.

If you want to play on Facebook, look at jade, check out the Ying Yu Jade new Facebook page.  If you purchase anything from FB, let me know your experience because that's why I learn these "new tricks", to make an enjoyable shopping experience for my customers.
I'll send you a 10% coupon good on your next purchase if give it a try!

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