Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Calm Spirit" Jade Bangle Bracelets

Today I changed my jade bangle bracelet from the Qing Dynasty carved bangle to my "calm spirit" old mine lao pit jadeite bangle.

White jade has qi energy related to the lung meridian for dealing with grief, while the imperial green color jade has energy for overall health and healing, and giving hope when one is experiencing grief.  

The insurance adjuster reported our home is completely damaged on the exterior, including the two year old new roof, the entire siding is full of holes, window and screen damage, and more.  We covered the holes with plastic but it looks like wetness is coming through from rain and humidity.  He didn't total the house because the interior wasn't damaged. There was so much extensive damage like this in our area last week that even though companies can get the materials to repair, they are short of workers and estimated 8-12 weeks for repairing.  We're considering having our home rebuilt, including the inside, but not sure what to do.  The shock is wearing off, and many of us are grieving the losses, feeling vulnerable when thunderstorms are predicted, and just don't know what to do.  

Whatever we decide, we hope we can stay in our home until repair/rebuilding starts.  Then we will move out for 6-8 weeks, probably the end of next month.  I'm going to start packing all the jade for storage and will try to add the items I have photos of as I can before we move out.  I don't know if I will be able to keep the web sites open after we move out.  Now, "jade space" takes up a bedroom for my office, a bedroom for storage and supplies, and half a room for inventory.  

If you are planning to purchase, now is a good time while it's still available. The less jade I have when it's time to move out, the easier it will be.  You can make an offer on some of the higher priced jade bangle bracelets and pendants if you are in USA and willing to pay by money order so I can pass the savings of credit card fees to you with a discounted price. You can use the email for the web site where you would like to purchase from to let me know the item and your offer.   

You can also make an offer for the entire business.  

I'm hoping my "calm spirit" jade bangle bracelet will help me keep going with both jade business and personal life.  I've always loved the qi energy feeling of jade since the first time I touched a jade bangle bracelet in China.



  1. Kathleen, I am so sorry to hear of your extensive storm damage. What a nightmare! I hope you can recover quickly and get back to normal soon.
    Pamela Pierce

  2. Thanks for your concern, Pamela. And thanks for reading the blog. Hope all is well with you.