Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yellow / Honey Color Jade for Dealing with Stress and Worry

We're close to closing a contract on getting a new house built for us.  While it's exciting to plan the new home, the issues about packing an moving out while it's being built on our present lot is stressful.  If we sign the final agreement tomorrow,   packing up our present home will begin. 

I have chosen the base color for the interior as soft gray with white for yin balance, and charcoal for yang balance.  Yesterday when we had our all day session going over options, I kept choosing colors of apricot/honey/yellow for accents.  When I got home in the evening I was looking through the mail I've neglected all week, and saw some home decor in those colors and they are very appealing to me. 

It's no surprise that the honey / orange / yellow colors are the qi balancing colors to the stress and worry about this situation.  I tend to spend too much time getting everything we need done for the floor plan and construction, then my brain is overworked and thinking muddled.  When I was looking for a jade bangle to wear to help balance my worry and stress, I felt the good energy in this honey carved jadeite bangle bracelet:

But it's "too good" to wear while I'm doing physical work (packing things).  So I found a Chinese "river jade" bangle to wear.  And it truly does help me stop and slow down, and remind myself that things will turn out OK, the way they are supposed to. 

I'm starting to pack up the jade that's in inventory, and I'm finding small, one of a kind jade pieces that I'm setting aside to offer as gifts with purchase.  If you are a blog reader and make a purchase, you can request a free gift  in the comments box on the order form. 

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