Sunday, April 10, 2016

Feng Shui in Your Home and Life - Balancing Qi Energy

We're still cleaning up from the hail storm and tornado two weeks ago.  We're also working with a custom homes service to make arrangements for having a new home built for us.  The insurance company wouldn't total our home because the interior wasn't damaged.  But we don't feel comfortable using the insurance payment, which is almost half the price of a new home, to repair.  My husband and friends tease me that I feel the qi energy of something negative going on inside the walls that isn't evident, like water damage, but it's true, I do feel negative energy from the inside walls to the outside siding.

We went to the home center Friday to look at models and options.  The feng shui balance in the homes  was very obvious.  When choosing colors for carpet, tiles, walls, accents, I try to balance the qi energy, or feng shui, of the colors and arrangements.  If you have been in a home or building that was beautiful, very expensive, very modern and up to date, but felt uncomfortable, it's probably because the feng shui isn't right. 

When we were making choices, my husband and I agreed on most options.  He would comment "looks good" and I would comment "feels good". 

And all this jade needs a good and balanced home around it to keep the good energy, the "glow", until it finds a home with a jade loving customer.

Chinese "River Jade" Natural Color Bangle Bracelets with Balancing Qi Energy

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