Monday, April 25, 2016

Jade Bangle with Hinges: What You Can Do if Your Jade Bangle Breaks

Since I must be out of my home the end of May, my goal is to pack up a minimum of 8 boxes each day.  8 is an auspicious number.  I know that as I'm packing I'm going to find jade that I had "hoarded" over the years, and that will distract me.  Like today.

I found two jadeite bangle bracelets that have sterling silver hinges on them so you can open them up to put them on instead of sliding them over your wrist.

When I first started selling jade bangle bracelets, and through today, I get emails from women who are heartbroken because their jade bangle broke.  There's a blog post about what it means when your jade bangle breaks. But the big question is, what can I do about a broken jade bangle. 

I have a business friend in Thailand who told me about hinged jade bangle bracelets.  When the jade carver breaks a jade bangle he is carving in half, there are jewelers who add hinges.  I sent two of my broken jade bangle bracelets, and the photo shows how they were hinged for wearing.  But I never wore them again.  I thought I would save them until I was older and it got too painful to put on a jade bangle.

I found them in a secure section of the cabinet I store my personal jade in.  First, I was shocked that they looked so dull.  But that's expected.  Jade gets a "glow" of qi energy when it's worn.  But also retains its qi when it is stored.  I have heard that the "qi leaves the jade when it breaks", but that's a traditional Chinese belief.  I have chipped and cracked some jade pendants, and they still look as good as when they were "perfect".

They are beautiful.  The photo is one I took, not the professional photographer who takes the web site photos.  So much nicer than the photo shows. They don't have the high "chime" they used to have, and I'm wondering if it's because of the silver.  The hinges have a lot of metal, they are quite substantial. 

I think if I get older and get arthritis and it hurts to put on and take off a jade bangle, I will either wear one that's larger, or use the plastic bag method to put it on and remove it.  I like the "whole" feel of a jade bangle. 

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