Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jade Bead Padded Car Seat Covers

We moved from Ohio to Florida in 2004.  My husband drove a van and U-Haul loaded with boxes and I drove my sporty Buick Regal.  As I was driving the long distance, I wish I had a set of the jade bead padded car seat covers that I had on seats of most cars I rode in when I was in China.  A friend in Tianjin went to a factory that made these seats for limousines and government cars, and sent me two for bucket seats.

They are so comfortable.  You don't feel the hardness of the jade sticking into you.  They are smooth and comfortable, and energizing.  That's why Chinese people use them. They are part of Chinese medicine, using jade as a natural health and wellness tool.

But, I never used them.  Don't ask me why.  Why don't I use all the jade bangles I buy for myself?  I stick them in a drawer and drool over them, don't wear them.

Now that we are packing up everything in our home to store while our new home is being built soon, I either have to use them, or sell them.

There are only two.  They are heavy and will cost me a lot to ship, so they will ship only to USA 48 contiguous states.  But they sure are special.

Ying Yu Jade Padded Car Seat Covers 

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