Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to take care of and clean your Ying Yu Jade Roller

People love the Ying Yu Jade rollers.  Professionals use them, women use them for facial beauty, and many use them just for good health, treating muscle pain, keeping qi energy flowing smoothly.

And people often ask how to clean and take care of jade rollers.

If you are using the jade roller just for yourself, you don't need to clean or sanitize after each use.  You can wipe the jade roller with a soft cloth after using to remove sweat, body oils.  If it's really needing cleaning, you can use warm water and shampoo or dish soap like Dawn,  and a soft cloth, then wipe it to dry.  

You can use a drop of baby oil on the metal part that holds the roller if it squeaks.

The metal on the jade roller is made to be adjustable, for smooth easy rolling or if you are using for a special purpose you might want it to roll more slowly and deliberately.  You can squeeze the metal together lightly.  Or if you want it more loose, you can carefully pull it so make it more smooth and quieter.

The jade rollers are hand made with minimal machine work.  If the roller part falls off the jade stem, use a little superglue to attach it the way you want it, and let it dry flat and set for about 24 hours.

If you use the jade roller professionally and need to clean after each use, you can wipe it with alcohol, the use warm soapy water.  Dry immediately so the metal stays in good condition.  Never boil jade in hot water.  That kills the qi energy.  Heat is what is often used on gemstones to color treat.  And heat is harmful to jade.

Jade likes to be stored in a cool, moist and dark place.

If you take care of your jade, it will last for a long time.

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