Friday, March 4, 2016

What Does My Jade Bangle Mean? Colors of Jade Related to Health and Wellness

Customers have been buying the Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelets, and asking about what is the best kind of jade for their health and wellness.

Chinese river jade is natural color. The color comes from minerals in the river where the jade is mined. It is called "China's National Jade" and used exclusively by Chinese people until jadeite was introduced in the 19th century. It is used in Chinese medicine for health, and often worn by Chinese people as "medicine" for the healing qi energy. The jade is purchased by YYJ jade carver in China and made exclusively for YYJ.

Today was an auspicious day for taking photos of the river jade bangle bracelets.  We take all photos outside in natural daylight so what is see is what you get, as they require very little editing.  That's one of the features of genuine and natural Chinese jade: they photograph well.  And the sun was in perfect position to be behind the jade bangles, so you can see the translucence in the jade stone.

Chinese River Jade natural color bangle bracelet #NJ2380 Ying Yu Jade

Some jade bangles have already been added, and the remained of those that are photographed will be added through tomorrow.  You can view them in the "What's New" Collection.

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