Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Jade Rollers for Facial Care and Beauty

Over the weekend a customer was asking questions about jade rollers to use on her face.  She had purchased one on ebay and returned it because it was cracked and chipped and the metal was unpleasant, and it smelled bad.  I personally use the small jade roller with the point on the end.  The small jade roller feels the right size for my face, works good under my eyes, on my nose and between the eyebrows, my prime wrinkle area.  Then I use the point to stimulate wrinkles, and areas that seem to need more attention, slightly pressing it on the skin I'm working on.  But I keep a double jade roller on my night stand, because I can use the small roller on my face, and the larger roller on my neck and chest, and areas of my body that hurt.  I think the peaceful qi energy of the jade stone helps me relax and sleep better, as a bonus.

The customer wanted to buy another jade roller, a better quality that we have made for us by our jade carver in China who knows what women expect in appearance, workmanship, and they don't smell bad.   She was hesitant, then decided to buy a jade gua sha tool.  I cautioned her not to use it on her face, because gua sha is used to  scrape the skin
until the petechia of that surface is completely raised and all the sha is up, which is how it helps healing.  And that makes the skin red because it raises the blood, which when used on the face will probably break the small capillaries.  And you don't want to do that to your face.  The result will be vein damage which is visible and very unattractive, and may not go away.   

Jade Gua Sha Tools, Chinese Medicine Tradition

 She told me her cosmetician uses gua sha tools when giving her a facial.   

I wouldn't sell her a jade  gua sha tool.  She wasn't happy with my "customer service", declining her order.

If you want to make the most of your jade roller treatment for your face, you can use heat over the wrinkle areas first, then use the coolness of the jade roller to over your face to stimulate the cells, especially over the wrinkles.  That's how we designed our FrownEase wrinkle reducer kit, with a hand made heat pad that includes Chinese herbs and jade pieces, followed by the jade roller, and the option to apply Frownies patches over the wrinkle areas of between the eyes, corners of the mouth.  I used this routine for a year before we decided to sell them. 

FrownEase Jade Roller Wrinke Reducer, Ying Yu Jade Exclusive

I don't know how gua sha use on the face ever got started.  Every time I sell a jade gua sha tool, I want to write a note on the receipt "don't use on your face".  I just hope people have the sense not to use it.

Use a jade roller. 


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