Monday, March 21, 2016

Jade Bangle Bracelets for Everyone? No.

We spent the last two days visiting my mother-in-law and her husband, about a three hour drive from where we live.  When we visit, we spend the night and return the next day. I'm so blessed that my mother-in-law and I get along very well, so it's a pleasant visit. 

She's in her 80's, fairly healthy, and still the stylish, fashionable woman she was when she was younger.  She greeted me wearing a cute capri pants outfit and a new piece of jewelry, a diamond bar necklace that's popular now.  Our taste in jewelry is similar, so of course I liked it, and kind of wished I had one, too.  But she just cannot wear a jade bangle bracelet.  Her size is about 62mm, and I've brought her several very fine quality old mine jadeite bangles.  She wears it for a couple of days, then the next time I see her, she gives it back to me.  She should probably wear a 59mm bangle, but she won't put up with the temporary pain of getting the smallest jade bangle size she can wear on her wrist. 

She likes jade, and the kind of jade that she likes to wear is not grade A natural color.  She likes  the color treated deep lavender or green, with added sterling silver  or preferably gold so the jade is set in a metal.  And that's the kind of jade I don't buy and/or sell.  When I go to the gem and jewelry trade shows, I often find the color treated C grade or even fake jade there, and buy some to put away for gifts for her.  Some of that kind of jade is set in metals that make it very attractive and I'm sure they would be big sellers online, but for the few more years I'll keep "doing the jade business", I'm staying with natural jade and jadeite.

She won't wear the jade bead bracelets, because they are "too plain" for her taste.

So jade bangle bracelets aren't for everyone.  Women who love jade bangles wear one all the time.  And if a woman isn't a jade lover, she probably won't buy the smallest size she can get on because of the pain of putting it on, and then won't be happy about it "clunking around". 

Jade bracelet for women who don't like the bangle style

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