Monday, October 12, 2015

Unique Jade Finds While Shopping in China

When I go to China to buy jade, I often must travel from a major city, like Beijing in the northern part of China, then to Dandong and Xiuyan.  In the south, I start in Hong Kong, then take the train to Guangzhou, then buses south toward Burma and where the jadeite is, and the jade carvers work.  Sometimes the bus drivers would make a slight detour to drop me off at a jade carvers workshop that they recommended.  Then I would wander around, look at the culture, the people, the entire area, as well as the jade.  And, oh my gosh, the strange foods I would eat! The people I would meet!  And the jade carvers and their families I would meet, talk with, shop with, have tea with. Of course I would find and buy jade bangle bracelets, but I would also find unique other jade pieces.

Then when I got home, I just couldn't sell them.  They had so many memories that I would put them in plastic containers I can see through, and decorate my office with them while they were still in their original purchase condition.  The unique jade items were one of a kind, or very limited quantity, so I could justify "hoarding" them.

I'm sharing now.

Small jadeite bottles with "hong" red screw on tops

The little jadeite bottles are so sweet.  Some were green like in the photo, and some  had lavender hues.  The tops are "hong" red and carved with a peg that has wire wrapped around it, then wire on the inside of the top, so the tops actually screw on.  They were made for fragrance, or herbs, or "something special", and sometimes the string of "Dragon Whisker" silk cords would be attached to the loops at the top so could be worn as a pendant, or close to the heart.

Carved jadeite barrel made into bracelet

This carved tube jadeite bracelet was unique and there were only three, so of course I kept one and wear it with my jade bangle, they look good together.  There are always these kind of jadeite bracelets on adjustable knotted cord, but some really stand out for the quality of the jade stone and the overall appearance.

I emptied a box this weekend with "special finds" on my shopping trips, and most of them have been or are being listed.  They are wonderful to wear, and would make a great gift, and that's what I did with most of the unique jade I found.  Gifts for the girlfriends.

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