Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Yin and Yang of Life and Jade

Hurricane Joaquin has been hovering at category 4 over the Bahama Islands.  A cold front moving through Florida pushed it north so it won't hit the USA.  This morning it was hot and humid when I was outdoors in the morning.  When I went for my sunset walk this evening I had to bundle up because it was cold.  And I changed my very yin jade bangle bracelet for my vintage carved jadeite bangle bracelet.  The carving and color is more yang, and it has some honey veins for the autumn transition. 

At least once each year, when there is a disaster, I do a week of fundraising to make a donation to the American Red Cross.  It's not an official business accounting type of donation, it's personal.  I take a percentage of profits from sales during the week and write a check to the ARC specifying where I prefer the funds to be used.  Starting today, the designated  disaster is the Bahamas.  When you make a purchase on Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven web sites, I will set aside at least 20% of profit for Bahamas.  There's a small island in the Bahamas that was particularly hard hit.  Friends live there, and have sent photos.  Their electricity is still out, the airport has been significantly damaged.  The island has a lot of poverty, and they are "angels" who do charitable work for the islanders.  They physically do labor, building and rebuilding and repairing, as well as feeding people, and fundraising.  Almost three days of 120-135 mph wind has caused a lot of devastation.  If you are planning to purchase jade soon, it would be very helpful if you made your purchase now through next Sunday.  When you make your purchase, write "free gift" in the comments box on the order form and I will send you a small spiritual-type of gift to show appreciation. 

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