Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Bat" is the symbol of happiness

I'm wearing my older, carved jadeite bangle bracelet with a bat carved on it in a honey color area.  So I not only have the symbol of happiness, but also the jade color associated with happiness.

I'm always very happy when customers receive their jade order and tell me how much they like their new jade bangle, jade pendant, the gua sha tools, jade eggs, or whatever they ordered.  Jade is so personal with its qi energy, and I feel like the jade that's been in the office has become personal to me because I've touched it and handled it while it was being listed, and while I described it I was truly "up close and personal" with it.  I get very attached to it and am very happy when it is purchased by a jade lover.

One of the features I added to the web site is an auto-generated coupon that is emailed to customers after their order is processed.  It's for 10% discount on their next purchase and good for 10 days.  It's a very good tool for jade lovers who are growing their jade collection.  As they get to know the quality of the jade we sell, and want more, it's a nice discount to use to add another item to their jade collection.   When you buy your very first jade bangle bracelet, you wear it for awhile and learn how it fits, how it feels, and if you wear jade for health and wellness, you feel the qi energy working for you. Then you get ideas for other jade you want to balance out your "wellness tools".  Customer feedback about the coupon indicates you are happy with that discount.

I like carvings of bat, lingzhi and lotus (immortal plant, often with fish), Phoenix (symbol of woman and yin and often with Dragon for Dao balance).   I also like the Dao bagua for being in harmony with nature.  And of course Guan Yin, Buddha of Compassion. 

On my first trip to China in 1999, the tour guide took us to Summer Palace and there were "bats" all over, and I thought they were kind of creepy.  The tour guide told us they were symbols of happiness, and that's when I became aware of Dao and symbolism, and it was an enlightening experience.

"Happy Pig" with Bat Jadeite Pendant JHP32

I'm going to wear my "happy bat" carved jadeite bangle bracelet when I take a few days off this week to have some fun before we start holiday business which goes through Chinese New Year.  I have to stay happy, so I can help you be happy with your Heavenly Jade purchases.

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