Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jade Flutes

This is "clean up the office weekend" and there are always suprises, what I find that got misplaced.  I was pulling boxes off a shelf, and noticed some long Chinese silk boxes, and it dawned on me that those are the jade flutes.  And they didn't get added to the new YYJ web site when we made the change this spring.

Jade Flute on Ying Yu Jade, limited quantity

I had these jade flutes made for me after visiting a government jade museum in northeastern China in 2002.  The jade carver did a good job, found the perfect box to use for them, and shipped to me after I got home. These were difficult to carve from the jade rough and I received only 25% of the number I requested because so many broke during carving.  Getting the holes drilled was quite a challenge.    There are two remaining, and will be the Daily Special. 

I found a lot of odds and ends of "things" I bought in China.  Some are jade, some are other Chinese interesting items.  If you want a gift with your purchase, write a note in the comments box and I will include a "little something" with your order. 

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