Friday, October 9, 2015

So Many Jade Bangle Bracelets!

I finished unpacking the jade bangle bracelets from my new shipment from China today.  The next step is to get them photographed, then listed on the web sites.  They will be listed on Ying Yu Jade and  web sites.  Since there are so many of the Chinese river jade bangle bracelets, part of them will go into storage and be added over time so there is a balances of all the different jade products on the web sites.

"Blood Red Hong" Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets #JBB3170

This has been a busy week.  Not only are there more of the Chinese jade bangle bracelets added, but also more jadeite bangle bracelets.  Since this is a holiday weekend, I'm taking some time off, too.  There are Weekend Specials on all three web sites which are good from now through Monday.  You can save from 10-12% using the coupon codes and there are other Specials on some of the sites.  

I hoarded only three for myself this week.  But I will enjoy looking at them, trying them on, and probably put them back on the web site because they pile up on my desk.

We are attracted to the jade that has the best energy for us.  So I think about why I crave the "hong" red and green jade bangle in the photo.  I think my heart needs a rest, and some joy over the weekend for my overall health.   Hong red jade is so rare to find in natural color.  These river jade bangle bracelets are the kind of jade Chinese people used to wear all the time.  I went to a Chinese government jade museum that is closed to the public but I was escorted by a government official.  This river jade was everywhere: bangle bracelets, pendants, tea pot sets, cups, and the most fabulous carvings, some bigger than me.  And Chinese medicine uses the qi energy of the jade colors for health and healing.  Some people and some gemologists don't consider this to be "real jade", but it's China's National Jade, and a treasure to cherish.  You would be amazed if you went to some of the jade carving cities north and east of Beijing.  That's where most of China's jade is mined.  On one of my visits, my traveling companion took me into some of the local's homes, and that's the kind of jade I saw there.  And it's the kind of jade  you see in Forbidden City and other tourist sites.  So get a little bit of real China on  your wrist, sit and breathe, and feel the real China right on your body.  Imagine....

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