Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Save the Jade! Hurricane Irma is on it's Way to Florida

I went for my evening sunset walk and observed five omens of upcoming trouble from hurricane Irma.  The sky was so gray with odd cloud movement.  I walked by a nature trail and heard an owl hooting like crazy, and I can't remember when I heard an owl hoot at sunset.  As I was walking  home, the moon was rising and it was fire red.  Then four ducks flew out of one of our trees, and we've never had ducks on our lot.  And finally I heard birds screeching, don't know what kind they are. 

Hurricane Irma is on its way.  Save the jade!

I really don't have a safe place to save jade from a storm.  We don't have a basement.  In 2004, when Charlie blew through, I put it all in my car, but now I have a bus full of boxes.  I filled a 10'x10' storage shed with jade when our house was damaged and replaced last year. Plus I used a huge room at a friend's home for an office, and had boxes in there. 

So help me save the jade.  There are sales on both Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven through Thursday, and I will have all orders in Friday's mail. 

I didn't change the jade bangle I am wearing, but added my deep deep green almost black Chinese jade carved double dragons bangle bracelet.  Dragons are symbol of protection, and deep green/black jade has qi energy for protection.  I added the sterling silver Hurricane bracelet I bought in Key West almost two years ago.

"Hurricane" bracelet from Key West with deep deep green
carved Chinese jade double dragons bangle bracelet

I really like that deep deep green color.  It doesn't feel harsh or too yang.  It's similar to the luminous deep green almost black jade bangle bracelets.  Rare, from Gansu area, traditional use of this jade is to make cups for tea "gaiwan" set. Made from "leftover" jade exclusively for YYJ. Yang qi energy for clearing negativity, protection

"Luminous" deep green almost black Chinese jade bangle bracelet  

Save the jade from Hurricane Irma!  A great time to get something special for yourself.  The jade will be on your wrist/body/home/office and safe from this ravaging storm

If we lose power and internet, the jade stores may be closed until sanity and power returned.

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