Friday, June 3, 2016

Chinese Wellness and What Kind of Jade to Wear in June

Early Summer and Chinese Wellness

During June, it's crucial to keep the gut healthy. This helps prevent imbalance of the immune system and the allergies that come with it. If you've been taking antibiotics to tackle your bronchitis (very cooling in Chinese medicine), you may be suffering from dysbiosis, which means too much yeast, or overgrowth candida. To combat your digestive imbalance, try taking acidophilus; this can help replace healthy bacteria in your gut.

To improve your health, lighten up your diets in the spring. We naturally eat less or even fast to cleanse the body of the fat and heavy food of the winter. We emphasize food that contains the qualities of spring: fresh greens, sprouts, juicing with carrots, beets, apples, mint tea and the pungent cooking herbs basil, rosemary, dill and bay leaf. These are foods that support good liver function and produce and activate the enzymes that help in various phases of detoxification.

Give the liver as much support as possible. Reducing coffee and alcohol can be especially helpful. At the same time, increase dietary Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits, rosehips, bell peppers and broccoli), the B vitamins, especially B-12, general multi-vitamins, ginger, milk thistle, lightly cooked vegetables, and give the liver the protection it needs.

Other tips include drinking warm water with lemon, which helps cleanse the liver.

Be watchful of the effects of different foods on your mood and energy levels. If you suspect that a food makes you sleepy or irritable, try cutting it from your diet for a while.

 What Kind of Jade to Wear in June

If  you wear jade to balance your body qi, this is the time to wear your "spring green" color jade. The soft green is the color you see in nature this time of year, very natural, adding needed yin energy to the strong yang of new growth and changes.

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