Friday, June 17, 2016

What Does My Jade Mean to Me

We're still homeless, and it will take at least three more weeks before the basics of electricity, water will be installed and we can move in.  All of the jade that's on the web site is in another building, and the unlisted jade is in a climate controlled storage unit.  Late afternoon or early evening, I go to my office location to pack orders and do business tasks.  The business computer and printer are in the office, but I have a laptop I can respond to emails, post on Facebook, and write these blogs.  I don't have any mobile phone service, my AT&T signal isn't strong enough to connect.  If I need to make a phone call, I walk to a lake that has cell towers on the other side, sit at a picnic table and try to get 2 bars to make or receive calls.  And the wifi in our rental room is not reliable.  I feel very out of touch.

The lake I go to is like all Florida lakes.  Lots of alligators in them.  I didn't think much about them because only the little ones come near the shore, but since the alligator attacked the small child at the Disney resort this week,  I think about them a lot when I'm there.  I wear my deep deep almost black jade bangle for the protection energy, but I still move away when I see the alligators.

Deep deep green almost black Chinese jade carved "Two Dragons Play Pearl"  bangle
Dragon is symbol of yang and protection, black jade has qi energy for protection

I miss having all the jade inventory in the same place that I am.  At first, I thought it was more relaxing for me to have "business" at a remote location that I went to for a couple of hours to work, then when I left I didn't have to "work" anymore because it was "there" and I am "here".  Jade has qi energy, but I didn't realize how much I felt it until it's absent.  The house building really isn't stressful, and I don't get anxiety about it, because I trust that it will work out okay.  And if it's not "perfect", the way I want it, I can adapt because that give me an opportunity to deal with change, and growth from handling it. So I don't feel stressed and anxious about the house issue.  But I don't have the overall good energies of mind, body and spirit.  I have the strangest, most bizarre dreams.  I have my jade bangle on all the time, and some of my personal jade with me, but not having that huge inventory has changed me.  It's like I feel my age, and I feel "normal",  not as free spirited and overcoming the adversity of life.  When I went to work in my home office,  and touched jade to list it, or organize it, or just move it around, the energy was inspiring, an infusion of bliss.

That's what I miss the most while being homeless:  my jade inventory.

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