Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jade Update from China: Real Jade vs Fake Jade for Jade Health Tools, Jade Eggs, Jade Rollers

I recently contacted my jade associate in China to discuss jade rollers.   I need more to sell because they are one of YYJ best sellers, and I needed the current price to fill a wholesale order for a spa. It seems the jade business has slowed tremendously over the past few months.  My number one jade carver quit his jade carving business and moved to another city to live with his father and work in his jade carving business so they wouldn't need other staff.  My associate told me that when the jade carvers are filling orders for outside of China, they are using marble, not jade.  It seems that people who ordered the jade rollers, jade eggs and jade ben wa balls and gua sha tools had customer complaints that the jade was not dark green and  "not strong enough" for commercial use by western people.  Marble is stronger than jade,  and can be made into rollers easier so they can make the "jade" rollers stronger.

I often search online to see what kind of jade other people are selling, and have wondered about the strange green color of jade eggs and rollers I saw in image searchers.  This is a jade roller that is probably made of marble, and the price is lower than jade real jade rollers:

I thought perhaps the first photo was just a poor photo of "jade" because it's difficult to get an accurate photo that shows the "glow" of jade.

People who don't "know" jade frequently purchase the most green they can find because that's how they perceive good quality and real jade.  Not true now.

The jade mines in China are government owned mines.  Over the years I've been selling jade, I've seen the jade bangle bracelets from China being sold for very  low prices.  Chinese jade sellers have sold so much jade and sold it cheaply that now the good green natural Chinese jade isn't available.  They are looking for new jade mines, but haven't found that traditional good green natural Chinese jade.

And that's sad.  Chinese jade used to be so natural with good qi energy used in Chinese medicine practice for centuries.  I still have a few boxes of the older and more green jade bangles.  But getting jade rollers, eggs and ben wa balls, and other jade health tools in good color green has been difficult.

My associate also told me the "river jade" with the natural colors is not easy to get now.  This river jade often has the five colors that are associated with the body's qi energy meridians, and used for health and healing.

When you are searching for Chinese jade, especially for jade health tools, jade eggs and jade ben wa balls, don't be fooled by the deep green color.  It often looks dull in photos, but you can't go by that because jade photos need special attention to get them to look like they really are, and computer monitors and device screens sometimes show the colors differently.  And often the seller won't know they don't have real jade.

That trust of jade is a reason jade selling is slowing.

Genuine natural Chinese jade eggs for women

Marble eggs for women's vaginal health


  1. Evening Miss, I have been looking for real jade bangles and other real jade jewelry, do you have a website to purchase the real jade? Thank you very much.

  2. Ying Yu Jade offers genuine natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite Jade Heaven offers genuine natural Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets and pendants. Some are very vintage purchased more than 10 years ago. And the newer jadeite, some have certificates included in the purchase. Thanks for asking.

  3. "Marble is stronger than jade"... It is exactly the other way around... This makes me doubt your trustworhtiness!

  4. The jade carver in China told me that he can make a stronger jade roller using marble. Marble is often heavier, it can be color treated to be more green, doesn't get the slight "imperfections" customers don't like and doesn't need slightly more careful storage (out of direct sunlight and heat) that jade needs. And I understand your lack of trust. That's what the gist of this posting is about, why people have trouble trusting jade sellers.

  5. My aunt gave me jade beads from a jade mine in a Uighur province of china and talked about how special this particular jade is. I guess this is why

  6. Would it still be beneficial to use a fake jade or marble roller on your face?

  7. You wouldn't get the benefits of the jade qi energy.