Monday, June 6, 2016

How to Take Care of Your Jade Bangle Bracelet with Every Day Wearing

I take very good care of my jade inventory that I sell online.  I store it in a cool, dark place that has some humidity.  Jade mines are cool, dark and damp, and these elements keep jade looking its best. If you are shopping for jade in Chinatown, or even in China, and the shop is well light, the jade is displayed on glass shelves and there are no water containers along side of them, the jade hasn't been well cared for and may become brittle.

When you wear a jade bangle bracelet,   it's not difficult to take care of.  A few cautions: don't let direct sun shine on it when your outdoors.  And if you will be working around hard surfaces, you might want to wear gloves that cover it so it won't get damaged. Your body qi energy mixes with the jade: you feel better wearing jade, and jade looks better on your wrist than stored in a drawer or jewelry box.

When I blogged about Jade for June, I went to my personal collection of jade bangle bracelets and chose one that I kept because it had some clarification lines in it, and it looks like cracks, but really is not.  In fact, clarification lines that you can see and feel are indications your jade is genuine and natural color.  I keep most of the small jade bangles that have clarification lines, chips, imperfections that are just part of natural jade, for myself because most customers don't want this kind of jade, even though it's usually better than the "perfect" ones.   The jade bangle I chose was so soft green I had to look hard to make sure it did have enough green to give me the summer "yang" energy quality.  It was mostly white with the green veins

Tropical Storm Colin was in the Gulf and preparing to land in Florida today when I went outdoors this morning.  And I had my jade bangle on.  There was some sun, so I sprayed sunblock all over my arms, and it got on my jade bangle and made a mess.  The remains of our storm damaged home were being removed today and I wanted to watch, and see what was under the home after the debris was removed.  I suspected there was unseen water damage through the siding that wasn't visible, and I was right, there was quite a bit of water damage.  I stayed with the crew all morning, then returned after lunch and stayed until late afternoon when the rain started.  It was so very hot and so humid, I was soaked through my clothes just from the humidity.  Before the rain got heavy, I took a quick shower, then went into the pool to cool off.  I took another shower after I got out of the pool, and as I was drying off in the heat and humidity, the coolness from my jade bangle was very evident.  When I looked at it, I was shocked at how different it looked.  The pool chlorine had washed off the sunscreen and sweat from the jade.  The activity of the day had mixed my body qi with the jade qi energy and the bangle was glowing like it had come alive.  And the green was really showing off.

My "imperfect" jadeite bangle bracelet.  It might have clarification
lines, but oh, the color and quality is absolutely gorgeous

That's an example of taking care of your jade that you wear all the time.  Treat your jade like you treat your body, and it will glow with your inner qi energy.

Sometimes customers order a jade bangle and when they receive it they tell me it doesn't look as nice as the photo shows.  The jade photos are taken outdoors in natural daylight, and aren't color edited.  When I list them, I think they don't look as pretty as they really are.  When I list them, I test them with refraction meter to make sure they are genuine jade, carry them around while they are getting photographed and listed, measured, and they are often on my wrist to make sure they don't have any chips or "imperfections" that need to be described on the listing.  They get about a week of handling, then go into storage, dark, damp and cool.   So when they arrive to you, they are often dull from storage, and shipping conditions.  Then when you wear it, it gets more pretty as its qi energy comes alive.

So, take care of your jade like you take care of yourself.  Wear it when you bathe to keep it clean.  Polish it with wax and soft cloth if it needs it, like sometimes you need a little moisturizer or makeup. Don't expose it to conditions you wouldn't expose yourself to.  When you see "every day jade bangle" in the description, that's a signal that the jade is sturdy enough to live a lifestyle with its owner.


  1. hi, may i know what kind of refraction meter use?

  2. may i know which hand should i wear a jade bracelet?for a female it is right hand?

  3. You can wear your jade bangle on the wrist of your choice. Women who wear it on the left wrist so the jade is closer to their heart. If you wear it as jewelry, either wrist because you may wear a watch or other jewelry with your jade bangle bracelet. Some women buy a jade bangle bracelet with the kind of jade that has qi energy for certain body conditions, then they would wear it closest to where the problem is. And some women have different size right and left hands/wrists so if they find a jade bangle they love they would wear it on the wrist that it fits best.