Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Updated Jade Information : The Good News and Bad News

I have mentioned on the blog about a tornado and hail storm severely damaging our home where the jade business is also located.  Our home will be demolished next week and a new home built.  That's part of the Bad News.

The good news is that friends who have a home nearby and don't live there full time are letting me use their huge entertaining room for my office.  All of my jade inventory fits in that huge room, and I can set up my shipping station.  So business will be as usual and the stores will not be shut down.   That's the Good News.

However, I may be slightly stressed and distracted during this time. (Not so good news)

But to keep myself cheered up, I went into my inventory and found one of the Chinese jade bangle bracelets I had made for me in the year 2002, very good green and translucent, and just my size.  That's Good News.

But there isn't any more of that kind of jade available,  that jade mine is now closed in China. (Bad News).

And there's more bad news.  USA government lifted some sanctions on Burma (Myanmar) this month.  Most of the sanctions were regarding business, and American business interests in Burma.  There has been embargo sanctions on jadeite and rubies since 2008. That's why you notice in many of the descriptions of the old mine jadeite bangles that it was purchased prior to the year 2008.  Jade that is mined from Burma, even if it's carved in China or Thailand or anywhere is illegal to import to USA.  If you purchase a jadeite bangle on ebay or from Chinese or Thailand sellers, it's illegal for it to enter USA.  And there's a small, tiny section in the new US Treasury law that jadeite and rubies are still prohibited to USA. 

Most jadeite from China and Thailand that go through customs get through because it might not be properly labeled, or as is the most common case, customs officials don't know it's jadeite from Burma.  But some women have told me when asking where our jade ships from, that they had a jade bangle confiscated in customs and threatened with legal action.

The Good News is that all of Jade Heaven jadeite was purchased prior to 2008 so it's in USA legally.  So it has good Karma, as well as being genuine and natural jadeite.

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