Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ying Yu Jade Best Quality Jade and Carving Workmanship

Earlier this month I received an order for a variety of jade rollers, and jade eggs.  What surprised me was that they were being shipped to a customer in Hong Kong.  China's is so nearby to Hong Kong, and I know there are several jade markets in Hong Kong, so I wondered why someone in Hong Kong would order jade from Florida, USA and pay the $65 shipping fee.

I received an email from the customer asking about care of jade rollers, and what kind of maintenance they need, and how to repair if needed.  She was very happy with her jade rollers, and eggs. 

So why would someone who can purchase these jade items locally and pay half the price and not pay high shipping?   It's the quality. 

Ying Yu Jade Rollers

As I wrote about the Chinese jade, I've worked with my jade carver in China for many years so he understands that internet buyers expect "perfection".  We know jade isn't perfect because it's natural stone, but workmanship can make the best of it.

Ying Yu Jade was the first USA seller of jade eggs and ben wa balls.  They weren't cheap, because good quality jade is used for a product a woman puts in her body.  Any you know my saying, I only buy and sell what I personally would use.  YYJ is genuine, natural and a good quality.  The qi energy of the light, translucent green is yin, and that's the kind of jade that benefits women.  A dark green nephrite is yang, and while you may think that kind of jade is pretty, and really looks like jade, the qi energy is too yang for women who use jade eggs for wellness.  So good quality of jade, and good workmanship, plus the jade carver's fee and shipping those heavy boxes to USA, the price reflects a minimal mark up for profit. 

And again, as I always say about the jade your purchase from Ying Yu Jade, you get what you pay for.  The prices always indicate quality, workmanship, and rarity of the kind of jade used. 

As I've written previously, I can't resist buying some of the jade things I sell from other sellers who sell cheaper, just to see what they are really selling.  So I repeat, you get what you pay for.  If you want jade that you will use for health and wellness, it costs more than agate or aventurine, or some of the other stones passing as "jade".

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