Monday, May 2, 2016

My Jewelry Box (es)

It's been a year since Ying Yu Jade was moved to the new web site.  There's still some products that haven't been listed on the new site.  "The Plan" is to keep Ying Yu Jade a Chinese jade site, including the Chinese jade bangle bracelets, especially the carved Dynasty styles that my jade carver made exclusively for YYJ.  Also for jade rollers, gua sha tools, pillow covers, and other jade health tools.  There's a variety of Chinese jade bangle bracelets, including the "luminous" almost black jade bangles made from the kind of jade that is usually reserved for making cups and teapots in China.  The "river jade" bangle bracelets are used to balance the body's meridians and qi balance, and the colors are related to the qi meridians.  And jade carvings and teapots are older and made in the traditional way.  None of Ying Yu Jade is commercial quality, intended for export.  My jade carver is very traditional and doesn't make jade for export because he has a small business. 

One of the categories missing on the new YYJ is the "YYJ Jewelry Box".  That's where I listed the jade bangle bracelets I had purchased for myself, and got carried away and bought "just one more".  My size is a small size, 53mm is the best size for me, but I can wear as small as 50mm, and 55mm if the jade bangle is wide.  I have only a few regular customers who are "my size".  The jade bangles in the "Jewelry Box" were also expensive.  I waited until I had purchased sufficient quantity for the web site, then spent every dollar I had on the very best for myself. 

Carved vintage jadeite bangle bracelet

When we get back into our home after it gets replaced, probably July, I plan to make a "Jewelry Box" category to include the small jade bangles I hoarded for myself, and other jadeite bangles that aren't my size, but I also hoarded because I love them so much.  When I was sorting through and packing up my personal collection, I was feeling sad that so many of them are in the drawer, not on a wrist.  I am ready to share now.

Imperial green vein jadeite bangle bracelet with Dynasty carved
Chinese Jade bangle and "spacer" jadeite bead bracelet

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