Friday, May 6, 2016

We Can Never Have too Many Jade Bangle Bracelets

My long-time jade bangle bracelet customers visit the Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven websites often, several times a week, and even every day.  And some of them add a note to their order when they purchase another jade bangle, "I really shouldn't, but I really want just one more".  I certainly understand that feeling, because sometimes I feel slightly guilty for hoarding all the jade bangles I keep for myself.

We call this JAD:   Jade Affective Disorder

If you have a good supply of jade bangle bracelets, and you see one that really appeals to you, and you just "gotta have it", it might not be an extravagance.  It might be the color or the jade veins pattern appeal to you because it has the qi energy your body needs at this time.  If you wear jade often, you become more aware and mindful of your qi energy, how your body is balanced.  "Body Feng Shui".   There are five colors of natural jade: green, red (called hong in Chinese), yellow, black or charcoal, and white.  These colors are related to the five meridians: liver, heart, spleen, kidney and lung.  There's also lavender, which is related to a special meridian, "Big Heaven".  So when you eyes see a jade and it really appeals to you, your qi-intuition is speaking to you.  And if you feel like it's so appealing that you almost drool over it, chances are it's your body qi craving it for balance.

I spent the last two days packing my personal jade, and jade for the online stores and the inventory.  We have to be out of the home end of May, because June 1 it's being demolished and the new one will start getting built to replace our damaged home from the hail storm and tornado.  It takes a long time to pack jade because it's so enjoyable to touch and look at while I'm doing it.  But jade is rock, and rock is heavy.  I'm exhausted at the end of the day, but surprisingly not sore when I packed the jade.  I still have a lot to pack, maybe only 20 percent through all the jade.  I came across the stash of jadeite bangles from the "ring of sister" jade bangles I bought at least 12 years ago, and there's still a few remaining.  I decided to reward myself for all the work I've been doing by taking (another) one to wear now.  They are all from the same jade rough, so all very similar.  The one that appealed to me has more green veins that the one I wear most of time, and is more translucent.  It looked dull, though, so I thought it might not be one other women would want.  In fact, they all looked dull.  I store jade the way it's supposed to be stored: in a dark, cool, moist place.

Ring of "Sister Jade Bangles" carved from the same rough purchased in 2005
Photo taken in China, they are much more pretty than this photo shows.

 Did you every stop wearing a jade bangle for awhile, then when you decided to wear it again it just didn't look right?  That's what happens when jade isn't worn,  It doesn't share qi energy, and loses some of its beauty.

I put the sister bangle on, and it's only three hours since I've been wearing it.  The green is more pronounced, the green veins stand out more, and the translucence is glowing.  And I feel more calm and relaxed.   It called to me, and I made the right decision to wear it.

 If you are a jade lover, trust that you will know the right kind of jade for you to wear.  You change, your jade needs change, and you will intuitively know what jade you need to keep you balanced. 

And that's the main reason I have purchased only genuine and natural color jade to sell online. 

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