Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jade Ready for Travel

We lucked out and tropical storm Erika didn't turn into a hurricane to demolish Florida.  We're dealing with the remnants.  One minute it's sunny and hot, then there's thunder, lightening, high winds and flooding rains.  The aftermath of hurricanes, which also includes tornadoes, is as bad as the real hurricane.

So while it was raining today I started packing.  What I wear for my casual lifestyle here in Florida is much different than what I will wear on the road trip.  I think I have enough clothes, and it looks like the weather in Baltimore and Pittsburgh will be warm while we are there, maybe 80 degrees, but will keep watching.

All of the jade bangles I posted on the Pinterest "Road Trip" are packed, except for #15 which I will wear on my left wrist, and the black jade bangle which will be on my right wrist.  I just can't leave them behind!  Even if I don't wear all of them, I can touch them every day.  Do you ever get a craving to look at, or put on a jade piece that you're not wearing, but thinking about?  If you feel better when you do go and touch it, then you were needing the qi energy that it has. 

The store will close the evening of September 3 for about a week.  I'm sure I'll get a lot of ideas while I'm riding around. 

By the way, jade friend Pamela, I found that old carved jadeite bangle bracelet you asked if I still had.  It was in the safe, but now it's also going on the road trip.  Thanks for asking.

It has qi energy for overall wellness, a little "hong" veins cleverly carved with bat, symbol of happiness and flowers, and the "hong" has qi energy for fibromyalgia, which I need when I travel.

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