Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pinterest Interest

Thank you for your emails about the Road Trip Jade Bangle Bracelet.  Readers told me they didn't like to post on social media, but wanted to give me feedback, so preferred email.  Some readers even asked about jade bangles they did not see, because they remember my blogging about the jade I wore.  The number one vote so far is for #15, #3 and the combination of #13.   You are welcome to leave comments of Pinterest, here's the Roadtrip page, and then you can visit the other jade listed from Jade Heaven.

I like Pinterest, although I'm kind of upset with Pinterest now.

The reasons I like Pinterest, is you can download a pinning button and then pin any photos you see onto your board.  And you can make boards for all kinds of interests, including fashion, cooking, gardening, electronics, holidays....there's no end to what you can find on Pinterest. And when you click on a photo, you have the option to add the photo to your Facebook page.   I've been using Pinterest for a few years now and don't find it to be intrusive and annoying about your identity.  You can sign up, then have fun posting.  I'm working on a board on that's "private", meaning that only you can see it or people you invite, about how I want to completely remodel my office.  You can choose to share your boards, or keep them private.  Comments you make can be anonymous.   You can vote on the Travel Jade without leaving personal information.

Pinterest does send you emails almost every day, which can be annoying, but if you start moving them to your SPAM or junk folders, after awhile your email system learns that  you don't want them in your inbox, and puts them in your junk folder.  That's what I do.

The reason I'm annoyed with Pinterest is that I got an invitation to add a "buy" button to my Pins, so anyone who wants to buy what they see can click the button, and then go through the checkout process on my web sites.  I installed the app for "Buy" and then submitted all the items on Jade Heaven.  After a month, Pinterest informed me they rejected my application because all of my photos had "personal" information on the photo.

Imperial green veins jadeite bangle bracelet #BB2252

Yes!  The photo has "Jade Heaven"  marking.  Some long time blog readers may remember when jade sellers in China took my photos and posted on their web sites and on ebay to use for what they were selling.  And one person in China took all my photos and put them on his web site claiming that's what he was selling.  I'm sure there were lots of disappointed buyers because they sure didn't get the jade bangle that was in the photo.  That's one reason for naming them.  Also, when you do a search for "jade bangle bracelets" and choose the "image" search, you will be able to see what site the jade bangle is on if it's named.  This is crucial for getting jade bangle customers to the web site.  But Pinterest  wants the photo completely neutral.  So they won't let me add the "button" app to my pins.  But I get many more visits from web searches than I do from Pinterest, and I'm not going to remove the web site names.

 The other interesting aspect of Pinterest is that if you love to look at jade bangle bracelets to get your "jade fix" without being on the web site, you can download the app on your phone or ipad and look to your heart's content.

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