Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Road Trip for the Jade Bangle Bracelet

I'm taking a road trip next month over the Labor Day holiday.  (Yes, the jade stores will be closed during that time.)

We were invited to a wedding in Baltimore on September 6, and since we haven't visited our families in Pennsylvania and Ohio since May of last year, we decided to drive there after the wedding.  We are both reluctant to drive from Orlando, FL to Baltimore on a holiday weekend, so we're taking the Amtrak Auto Train from Sanford to Virginia, then driving for our visits and back to Florida.

As I'm packing, I'm trying to decide which of my jade bangle bracelets to wear.  I always have my Chinese jade deep deep green almost black jade bangle in my handbag.  It has good qi energy for protection, so that's with me all the time, and when I wear it, it's on my "other" wrist, my right wrist, since I wear my jade bangle bracelets on my left wrist.  I usually wear the same jade bangle bracelet most of the time, green veins on white for the yin energy that seems to be most balancing for me.  But I have some fabulous jade bangles I would like to wear to the wedding and rehearsal dinner, and to "show off" as I travel.

As I was taking photos of my bangles to post on Pinterest for some opinions from you blog readers on which one(s) to wear, I got the idea to also tweet the "travels of the jade bangle", like a selfie of the jade bangle as we travel.  I'll take photos of any jade bangles I see along the way, too.  We can all get our "jade fix" while this business is closed!

So, please help me decide which jade bangle bracelet(s) to wear and take on the trip.  You can add a comment under the jade bangle you like, or if you don't want to post on Pinterest,  you can send an email to         jadeheaven88 @ yahoo.com

Here's the link to the Jade Bangle Road Trip on Pinterest

Here's the Twitter link

All of my jade bangle bracelets fit close to my wrist and I wear the smallest size I can get on.  My wrist got really red and swollen as I was taking the photos.  They're not the best quality, but taken in natural daylight.

Road trip for this jade bangle bracelet?

 I appreciate your feedback on the jade bangle you would like to see on a Road Trip!

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