Monday, July 31, 2017

Why People Wear Jade: Wisdom and Compassion

Politics throughout the world seem to be in turmoil, especially in USA.  I wish I could send every politician, the leaders and congress people, jade with soft lavender, perhaps some white "cloud" veins, and a few green veins for "yang" (deeper color).

Lavender jade color has qi energy related to the central inner meridian of the body.  The five main meridians, lung, heart, liver, kidney and spleen, are Chinese medicine body functions, and there is emotional qi included.  The inner circle meridian is related to emotions, especially wisdom and compassion. 

I listed a Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet grade A with certificate of gemology testing a few weeks ago, but was torn because I love it.  Although it's not my size, too large, I often held it while meditating.  The energy was so profound for me, and my compassion increased.  And amazingly, it would "glow" when I "returned" from meditation mode.  It didn't change color, but has a subtle inner glow.  There are several jadeite bangle bracelets with the lavender qi energy of wisdom and compassion listed.  We try to capture that "glow" when taking photos, but that just doesn't happen.  However, #8524 was photographed after holding it awhile, meditating, and some of the "glow" is visible.

#8525 "Wisdom and Compassion" Burmese Jadeite Grade A Bangle Bracelet  

There's  a more "yin" softer color "wisdom and compassion" qi energy jadeite bangle bracelet that's the "old mine" jadeite, mined around the year 2000.  BB2579 was purchase when I was shopping in China near the Burma border in 2003.  The photo doesn't show how beautiful it really is because it's been in storage a long time.  I would buy all the jade bangles I had money for, and the ability to take back to USA when I went shopping in China, and still have some from "way back" that I haven't listed. 

BB2378 "Wisdom and Compassion" Old Mine Burmese Jadeite Grade A Bangle Bracelet

Imagine how our world would be if our leaders, politicians, and all of us on earth had more wisdom and compassion.   Oh...then it would be "heaven".

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