Friday, July 21, 2017

Why Can't I Find My One Perfect Jade Bangle?

I am never without one of my jade bangle bracelets on my wrist.  Except for when I get my once a month massage.  I don't want my jade bangle to be in the way of my massage therapist.  She has worked on me for several years, knows what my body needs, and works so smoothly a hard jade bangle bracelet seems out of place. 

And of course massage changes your body.  Your muscles, tendons and qi points get a good workout.  When I came home and got cleaned up, ready to put on my jade bangle bracelet, it didn't seem to be "the right one".  I went through my collection and the one that felt "just right" was one of my favorites.  The qi energy is very yin, they symbols of bats, lotus and bamboo felt meaningful and the old, old age of it felt comforting.

Customs searching for a jade bangle often ask questions, advice and help choosing.  Some spend weeks, months, until they decide on "the perfect jade bangle bracelet".   I know they want to receive it ASAP so I ship the same day if possible by priority mail so it can be on their wrist within 2-3 days.  They usually love it, and wear it all the time.  Then, a few months later, they find another one they like.  And they ask: "why can't I find my one perfect jade bangle bracelet?"  

Because you, your body change every day.  The energy that attracts you to a certain piece of jade is because it will be helpful to you now, like "medicine".  But as you change, so do your desires for jade. 

But, yes, you certainly can wear the same jade bangle bracelet every day, all the time, if it feels right for you and you have no desire to change.

And yes, if you choose another jade bangle bracelet, you will probably find a time in your life when one you have but are not wearing will feel "just right" for you again.

Blog readers know I change my jade bangle every few weeks or months.  I have a drawer full of my personal jade bangle bracelets, but there are only 3 I wear most of the time.  The other ones I wear for certain occasions because of the color, the carving.  And those that I have in that drawer, but never wear, are the ones that sometimes get listed in Ying Yu's Jewelry Box Collection.'s not easy for me to "set them free".

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