Sunday, July 9, 2017

What Does Pink Jade Mean? Do You Have Blue Jade Bangle Bracelets? Natural color, of course

The search terms people use to find my jade web sites help me to understand what customers like and are looking for.  And I can check my products to make sure the search tags that relate to what customers look for are done right.

I've been seeing a lot of search terms for: "blue jade bangle bracelet", "natural real pink jade bangle", "what does pink jade mean?"

What does pink jade mean?  For one thing, it's not natural color.  Sometimes the searcher means something else, usually what is lavender color and its meaning. Jade natural colors are green, honey/brown, honey "hong" reddish color, honey/yellow, charcoal (all black is not natural), white, lavender.  Definitely not blue color. When people tell me I'm wrong about pink and blue jade are not natural colors because there are "natural blue, natural pink, jade bangles available, I decided to take a look at Etsy.  And sure enough, there are quite a few listings that state pink, blue are natural genuine jade. 

Etsy listing for not natural blue and maybe not even real jade

Etsy listing for not natural pink and maybe not even real jade

Jade Heaven also has an Etsy store. I am considering closing the store because Etsy is getting like eBay, dishonest listings about jade and when I contact Etsy about it, they don't "do" anything, and tell me I'm wrong. 

The "blue jade" and "pink jade" sold on Etsy sure are pretty, but they are not natural, and probably not genuine jade.  And I'm sorry people use those descriptions to sell their "jade" because it adds to the confusion about jade.  Earning sales dishonestly at the expense of the buyer only brings bad Karma, because Etsy and eBay are in business for the $$$.

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