Saturday, June 20, 2015

Perils of Buying and Selling Online

Running a successful web business requires daily work.  I work at least 50 hours per week. One of the important tasks is learning the internet search terms people are looking for. 
I have been wondering about the search term I see every day that brings people to Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven:   AAA+++ grade jade.   My face screws up into a question mark: what the heck is that!!!  Then last week a first time customer requested to return the jade bangle she had purchased for refund.  She told me she found a jade bangle "just like it"
on ebay AND it is grade "AAA"  jade and only  $28.

I decided to take a look at the kind of  jade that's  selling on ebay.  I buy my shipping supplies on ebay, and some other small things but from USA sellers only.  A couple of years ago I saw a jade seller on ebay who had nice jade items,  and I asked to purchase several of the jade necklaces she (he) sold. He gave me a price, I paid with paypal.  Instead of jade necklaces, I received fake jade "objects".  And paypal didn't "protect" me because I purchased outside of ebay. 

So I searched for "AAA"  grade jade on ebay.  AAA grade jade doesn't really exist.  Jade is graded A, B and C.    But there sure is a lot of  "AAA"  grade jades on ebay.   And it's cheap!   So you can make your own assumptions about what it really is.

I have experienced disappointment, loss and frustration buying online, and I am committed to treating customers the way I want to be treated.  Jade is such a special, sacred gem stone.  In China, it used to be an honor to be a jade seller, a prestigious position.  I am sad to see how this has changed, especially on ebay, the site  where I started selling jade in the year 2000.

 It has become more risky to sell online.  When someone uses a stolen credit card to make a purchase, guess who pays the price?  I lose my merchandise, the money is removed from my bank account, along with a hefty "chargeback" fee.
I love Guan Yin  jadeite pendants.   Guan Yin is the Buddha of Compassion.  I have a small jade Guan Yin carving on my desk and I feel compassion in my heart when I touch Her.  Handling jade over the years has made me more compassionate especially regarding selling jade.  There is so much "drama" about jade that comes from inaccurate information and fraudulence of some jade sellers. If you ask me about buying your first jade bangle bracelet, and I know you are nervous about buying jade and buying online, you can know that my dealing with you will come from the good qi energy I get from my jade Guan Yin, and all the other jade that surrounds me.  If it weren't genuine, natural grade A jade, I wouldn't have survived 15 years of selling jade.


  1. Etsy has many pieces of jewelry that are marked Jade. Etsy also does not have any method in which a buyer, other than a negative review, can point out that the seller is misleading buyers or purposefully misadvertising. I saw a very attractive bangle on Etsy that was advertised as Jade, however, it did not look like any Jade I had ever seen personally or in photos. After 6 conversations with the seller she finally admitted it was "Aquatic Jade" i.e. Agate. It was very pretty Agate and Agate has value, but it was not Jade. Buyer Beware.

  2. It's true, you have to be so careful buying online, especially jade, because there is more mis-information than true information about jade online and it's very confusing. It's especially risky buying from Chinese sellers in China because of the wording they use for jade. We try to build trust on Jade Heaven web site by supplying a great deal of straightforward and simple information based on 15 years experience shopping in China for jade, buying and selling jade. Thanks for your comment.

  3. One should be careful with online sellers because the products you are seeing may not the one you will finally receive. It is therefore you need to choose the website from where you have to purchase the products and service very carefully.

    Jammie Cutts
    MultiChannel eCommerce Sales Consultant

    1. You do have to be very careful. You have more of a chance getting what you actually buy if the seller has been in business a long time, and shows they have a passion for what they are selling. Jade is not easy to photograph. A high quality camera takes an excellent photo and editing makes it look even better, but often doesn't look like the "real thing". We take at least 50 photos before choosing 3 or 4, then look at them in different browsers and mobile devices to make sure they look fairly accurate. And then there will always be scammers that that are just not honest. For some reason, fraud is really common in jade business.

  4. I think online trading is the best option but, we have to very careful about choosing the best available local business classified ads websites. Try to find more genuine and trusted inline platform for buying and selling online.