Monday, June 8, 2015

Jade for June that's NOT a jade bangle bracelet, but is a jade bangle!

I received emails from Blog readers who cannot wear jade bangle bracelets because of arthritis or other medical issues with their wrists.  They love jade bangle bracelets, they want to wear jade "as medicine" during June, and are looking for something different that has the honey color for balancing the Spleen meridian and keeping healthy.

I gave them a link to this lovely jade necklace that includes a green jade bangle and has a nicely carved honey jade "nut" in the middle.

Custom made for Jade Heaven.  "Bi" jade bangle pendant is 56mm, classic round and lovely translucent green Chinese jade, natural color. A carved natural honey color jade  25mm ball hangs in the middle of the bangle.  The adjustable silk card has 16mm tube carved jadeite beads and tiny green and honey accent beads with a 12mm round "river jade" right above the bangle.  Lots of jade, lots of detail, and lots of auspicious luck with the two round "bi" shapes of the bangle and ball.

There are a few remaining, and they are reduced in price for the Daily Special through June 9 or until they sell out.  Click for a link.

When I'm not wearing the one I kept for myself, it hangs off one of the bamboo bars on my altar, where I can see it and touch it whenever I pass it.  Heavenly!

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