Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jade for June

If you wear jade for health, and use jade as "medicine", here's some information about the kind of jade to wear for the month of June.

June is considered to be early summer.  In Chinese medicine, the gut needs special care in early summer.  During the winter, you probably had a heavier diet and ate more fat.  Now the body needs to cleanse naturally before summer.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking mint tea and cutting back on fats and meat help.  The gut is is part of the Spleen meridian.  The color associated with the spleen meridian is yellow, so jade with yellow, or honey color can help balance the spleen meridian.  When the spleen meridian is not balanced, your body might feel heavy, you may have more fat on your body.  That's why you read all the articles now about getting ready for wearing your bikini in summer!  And you may experience feelings of anxiety, impatience,  more cynicism and brooding.  Your spleen needs more of the yin balancing associated with yellow jade.

Honey/yellow hues jadeite bangle bracelet #625 Jade Heaven

Jadeite pendant #33 Jade Heaven

Soft yin green color jade is also balancing to the entire body qi during June. Take a look through Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade web sites.  There are search boxes on both sites you can enter the word "honey" or "yellow" and view the healing and beautiful natural jade colors to balance your body, mind and spirit during June.


  1. I realized it is difficult to find smaller size of jade bangles on your web site.

  2. Contact me at jadeheaven88 @ and let me know what size you are looking for, and I will get some listed for you. Small "Chinese size" is also my size, so I do tend to hoard them, but have quite a few very good quality jadeite bangle bracelets. Thanks.