Friday, June 19, 2015

Making Jewelry from Jade

A customer who purchased dragon and  phoenix jade pendants used her jewelry making skills to make this gorgeous necklace and earrings set.

Last week a customer who chooses her jade carefully for the energy purchased a jadeite pendant and took it to a jeweler to attach a 14k gold bail so she could wear it on her gold chain.  I have the option to add a silver bail to your pendant purchase, but don't have gold.  She has labeled her attempt to get a gold bail through a jeweler an "adventure" because he's making a simple bail attachment into a complex undertaking.  If she knew someone who made jewelry and had the findings, it would take a couple of hours instead of the days the the jeweler needs.  There is a woman in my neighborhood who makes jewelry and I have been consulting with her about bails and options and I am getting inspired.   Every time I clean up the office, I find odds and ends of jade pieces.  When you see a Daily Special for "free gift with purchase", it's often one of these special pieces.  I don't know if customers would have an interest in purchasing jewelry made craft style.  Most of the jade jewelry online has been made in our shop in China, or designed and made up while we wait at one of the many Chinese jade markets when we shop in China.  There are a couple of necklaces made by my friend here on the web site.  They feature the jade pendant, jade beads and other accents, and the wire and other findings needed to make them.  It's time consuming to make them because they are often taken apart several times to get them to look just right for selling.

Working with jade is very pleasurable, touching the pieces, feeling the carving on the jade and trying to figure out what the symbols are and what they mean.  The Daily Special today is the beginning of our efforts to hand make the traditional jade into something more unique. Jewelry making friend wire wrapped small jade pendants of Guan Yin and Buddha onto the traditional classic bead bracelet.  I saw an item made similar in Sundance catalog selling for more than $100, and it wasn't jade.  Your feedback about "jade jewelry making" will be

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