Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How Did Your Jade Look During the Solar Eclipse?

Yesterday morning prior to the Solar Eclipse, a long time customer purchased an old  mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet she had been looking at for months, maybe years.  Talk about an auspicious time to purchase jade!  She always asks to have the jade energetically cleansed and filled with good qi energy. 

It was almost time for the eclipse here in central Florida.  We were in an area where we would get 85% of the eclipse, but it was also cloudy during the eclipse time.  I took the jade bangle outdoors in the natural light to do a Reiki cleansing and qi filling.  I also put some of my personal jade bangle bracelets on my wrist, then some of the other old mine Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets.    Husband was monitoring the eclipse progress scientifically, and I monitored it energetically.  When he said it was about half way, the "evening animals" started their sounds, their nature music.  And I marveled at the good "glow" in the jade.

The "old mine" jadeite it refer to is Burmese jadeite I purchased in China prior to the jadeite embargo of "all things jadeite that was mined in Burma".  Most of the purchases were made when I traveled south in China close to the Burma border, and bargained, bought them directly from jade carvers.  I could see the jadeite rough they used,  as genuine and natural, and since I purchased so many at a time, the bargaining experience established a small business relationship, often ending with a traditional tea ceremony.  Most of their jadeite rough was purchase prior to the year 2000, in the past century, and this kind of jade is rarely available now.  At that time I was still working a "real job", and took every dollar I saved up during the year to spend on jade in China when I went for my shopping trip.   So I still have quite a few from that time, which is rare for jade sellers to have this kind.

What makes it special compared to today's more modern jade is the translucence.  The newer jade does have beautiful color, but is made slightly more sturdy, inside to outside more jade in the bangle bracelets, because today's modern woman is active, works, and needs more jade substance than the empresses and concubines of the Dynasty eras. So even if the modern jadeite has some translucence, it's not as obvious because of the thickness of the piece.

An example of this old mine jadeite is  JHBB551

JHBB551 "Glowing" Translucent Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet

It has soft color, yin (the best kind of jade for women) soft green, and translucence.  I bought this one for myself, it's my size, and I purchased two because they were so pretty.  This is one I took outside during the eclipse.

And yes, the jadeite bangle bracelets seemed to have a special energy, a glow, during the eclipse. 

And I think I still have a "glow" inside from being present in it, with all the lovely jade.

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