Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wearing Black Jade Bangle Bracelet for Protection and Peace of Mind

Our 10 night Caribbean cruise was wonderful. The first two days were at sea days, and I spent most of those days sitting on the balcony of the cabin, doing nothing.  Resting my brain.  I was so busy getting ready to leave, packing and other commitments, getting orders packed and shipped, responding to customer emails...when I got on board I turned my brain off.  And it felt so good!

I did notice that many of the passengers on the cruise were coughing, that deep chronic cough when you "get the crud".  I kept my deep deep green, almost black, jade bangle bracelet on.  Everywhere you went on the ship, there was an attendant with a squirt jar of antibacterial hand liquid to catch all the cruisers and make sure they got some on their hands.  I'm very good at avoiding getting that antibacterial stuff on my hands.  It makes my hands itch, makes the skin dry, and actually the vapors make me cough.  But I did wash my hands so much that I carried around one of the tubes of lotion from my cabin.  And twisted my black jade bangle around my wrist frequently. 

Two Dragon Protect Pearl Chinese Black Jade Bangle Bracelet

The weather this year was quite a bit cooler and more windy than the same time last year.  Every day people seemed to get more sick with "the crud" and some were confined to their cabins for three days.  I always heard coughing. (Rub that bangle).  Then my husband got "the crud" half way through the cruise.  By the end of the cruise when we had to leave our cabins to disembark, some cruisers were so sick they were lying on the floor. 

But I didn't get sick.   And I'm high risk for lung related illness because I had asthma for most of my life.  So I give credit to the black jade, with qi energy for protection.

An hour before we were scheduled to disembark, a severe storm struck Ft. Lauderdale and a tornado touched down and knocked out power, including traffic lights, in the area.  We were delayed disembarking two hours until electricity was restored and the gang plank was connected, the computers ready for customs to enter USA.  Chairs and heavy outdoor items  had been blown off the decks by the tornado winds, it was quite frightening, but no damage, no injuries.  Black jade protection?  Maybe.  And when we finally got on the road, we just missed being in a terrible vehicle accident that brought in helicopters and delayed us another hour.  But we barely missed it by a few minutes.  Black jade protection? 

Perhaps I've become "superstitious" working with jade and the Chinese culture for 17 years.  But maybe jade really does protect.  Or maybe it's like a placebo, and keeps one positive and more alert.  I don't know.  But I do know my black jade kept me well and safe on this trip.  I always carry a black jade bangle with me, and when I feel like I could be in a threatening situation, I take it from my handbag and put it on my wrist.  

Black jade bangle bracelets look beautiful, too!

"Luminous" Deep Deep Green Almost Black Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet

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