Saturday, February 20, 2021

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear During COVID Pandemic?

A customer contacted me recently, telling me about how sad she was that she could not wear her jade bangle bracelet now.  She had researched how to keep herself safe from COVID by what she wears.   And jewelry was one of the items mentioned that she should NOT wear because it can carry the virus.  

Jewelry like gold and silver probably can carry the virus because there are often edges, roughness, links, clasps.   But jade is solid.

And we jade lovers know that jade has good qi energy if it is genuine and natural.  Chinese jade has been used for centuries as Chinese medicine because of the qi that is healing, as well as the actual tool.

Most of us are attracted to certain kind of jade when we shop for it.  Sometimes it's the symbols, like pendants, and most of the time it's the color of the jade, the color patterns, that attract us.  That's because our body "knows" what kind of qi it needs to be healthy.

During this COVID time, the best kind of jade to wear is probably Chinese jade, the same kind of jade health tools are made from.  Most of this Chinese jade is green, and green is related to the liver meridian for health and healing of the body.  Chinese jade made by our jade carver in China is polished to be smooth so there are not rough areas, cracks that the virus might live in.  

Another kind of jade that is healthy to wear during COVID, or when you feel you need safety, is black jade.  Ying Yu Jade has been selling deep deep green that looks black for many years.  I personally wear a "black" jade bangle on the opposite wrist of my regular jade bangle when I travel, or now when I have to go out to get groceries, go to appointments.  I always wore the "black" jade bangle when I went on cruises and never got sick.

he "River Jade" colors come from the water while the jade is being formed.  These natural colors coordinate with the five meridians:  green for liver meridian, red (or hong) for heart meridian, white for lung meridian, yellow or brownish-yellow for spleen meridian, and green for the liver meridian.  If you are attracted to one of these kind of jades, your qi will probably benefit from it.

Burmese jadeite is different from Chinese jade, but if it is genuine and natural, it is probably also safe to wear during this COVID time.

So get the best jade bangle for your qi, and enjoy wearing it safely.


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Friday, February 12, 2021

Chinese Lunar New Year 2021 "Ox" - What Kind of Jade Should I Buy?

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!  Today February 12, 2021 begins the Year of the Metal Ox.  In Chinese symbols it the the Ox who represent incredible physical and emotional strength and stamina. Their accomplishments are the result of sheer determination.  This zodiac sign will not quit once they have put their mind to something.

And guess what!  I am also "Ox".   I started selling jade online since the year 2000.  I started with Chinese jade bangle bracelets, selling on ebay,  and sold out so quickly I returned to China to start working with my jade carver in Xiuyan who buys the jade directly from the jade mines and has high jade carving standards.  We introduced jade gua sha tools, rollers, made to Chinese medicine standards while also working with a Chinese doctor.  Every year I would save up every cent I could and went to China for jade shopping in the summer.  I wasn't just a "tourist", I made friends, and traveled all over China, exploring and learning more about jade each time I went.  

When you shop online at Ying Yu Jade, you will see a large selection of very unique jade: bangle bracelets, pendants, jade health tools, carvings, teapot sets and more.  Customers have been asking me "what is a good jade to buy to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year".  Any jade that appeals to you is probably a good choice.  A classic choice for New Year is the auspicious jade Money Toad.

Chinese Jade "Money Toads"

These traditional three legged "money toads" bring good luck and fortune.  Great feng shui for the office and lucky for your home.  The toads are beautifully carved and polished, and you can see the natural rough raw jade on the bottom.  These are genuine and natural, one of a kind.  They are special gifts for New Year as we;; as for business, weddings, birthdays.

I have a very large jade money toad with a "baby"  next to it and a big jade coin in its mouth.  It is in my office, facing my desk where I do most of the work.  And it has been very auspicious for me, as I have been selling jade for 20 years.  Although I have been doing well financially selling jade, I really want my customers to be happy with the jade they purchase from Ying Yu Jade.  

I love looking at, touching, my jade money toad.  Chinese jade carvings are truly awesome and look even nicer as time goes by.

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Monday, February 1, 2021

2021 Chinese Lunar New Year of Metal Ox - What Kind of Jade Should I Wear?

Chinese Lunar New Year begins February 12.   This is the "Year of the Ox".  In Chinese symbols it is The Ox who represents incredible physical, mental and emotional strength and stamina! Their accomplishments are the result of sheer determination. This zodiac sign simply will not quit once they’ve put their mind to something. 

This year the element of the Ox is Metal.  In Chinese Taoist thought, Metal attributes are considered to be firmness, rigidity, persistence, strength, and determination. The metal person is controlling, ambitious, forceful, and set in their ways as metal is very strong. They are self-reliant and prefer to handle their problems alone.

Chinese Lunar New Year is an auspicious time to buy and wear jade.  How do you know what kind of jade you should wear?  One of the traditional jade bangle bracelets is "Fu Lu Shou": Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity.  It is rare to find these in natural color, usually green, white and "hong" red/orange.  I have a C grade color treated fu lu shou jadeite bangle that I wear for special occasions.

There have been many customers purchasing our jade online the past few weeks.  They not only buy a new jade for themselves, but also for friends.  And I have special boxes, pouches for when they tell me they are gifts, to make them beautifully presented.  One of our customers who shopped this weekend and purchased five jade bangle bracelets told me she relaxed, had a comforting snack and beverage, then shopped Ying Yu Jade.  She said she intuitively knew the colors, style of the bangles she bought for her friends and family when she looked at the photos, not the prices, and smiled when she found "just the right one" for another person.  And she also bought a new one for herself.  The Ying Yu Jade "Deal of the Day" and Jade Heaven "Heavenly Jade Sale"  have discount coupon codes, and also the option of "Make an Offer" during this traditional Chinese holiday.

The customer also told me she practices qigong and when she shops for jade she "feels" all her meridians so she can know what color will not only be beautiful for her, but have good qi energy.  The Ox this year is the Metal element, related to the lungs.  The color is white.  

Jade is not only beautiful, but since it has qi energy, it's like wearing medicine, something healthy.

And that's why I still love jade so much and continue selling online. 

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear? How Wearing Jade Affects Mental Health

 It's been a buy few weeks since my last blog post.  Orders for Christmas, and all the stress of making sure they USPS,  UPS, Fedex get them delivered.  And customers purchases jade gifts often have questions about "what is the right kind of jade to buy".  And of course how to choose a jade bangle size, not only for someone else as a gift, but also how to find their best size.

The weather here in central Florida was colder than it usually is in December, so I spent more time at home, which was good because of the orders, customer service, and listing new items for the holidays.  Lots of work, very "yang", I wanted to change the jade bangle I was wearing for a more "yin" jade to help balance my body, mind and spirit.  As I usually do when it's time for a bangle change, I reach into the drawer where I keep my jade bangle collection until I had a "feel" of a bangle I touched being "just right" for the time in my life.  

"Yin" soft lavender, green Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet

Then the last week, our normal warmer weather returned, I spend more time outdoors, not only taking photos of the jade in natural daylight, but cleaning up around the outside, riding bike, and was so busy I needed more "yang" again to get through Christmas and New Years with jade business and personal life.  So time to change the jade bangle again!

Dark green "yang" veins for more qi energy on this 
Burmese jadeite "old mine Lao Pit" bangle bracelet

Wearing jade with the qi energy my body, mind and spirit benefit from has helped make me more intuitive.  A large percentage of customers ask "is the jade real",  and living with jade has helped me learn more about jade.  I have some testing options, including a refraction meter kit that identifies if it is really jadeite.  And I can tell from "chime", and touch, if it is natural color as I believed it was when I bought it in China, directly from the jade carvers near the Burma (Myanmar) border.  The "old mine Lao Pit" Burmese jadeite was mined and carved prior to 2008 and the political problems between Myanmar and USA denied any jadeite entering the country.  I had most of them tested by a member of the China Jade Association who has his own jade carving shop and laboratory for testing.  And all the "old mine" on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven were purchased before 2008, kept in storage, some are still unlisted.  This worked out well because if they do not change color over the years, then they are natural color.  

So how do you know if jade helps your mental health and helps you to be more intuitive?  When you are shopping for jade, are you attracted to certain jades due to the color?  That means the qi energy related to the colors that also related to the body meridians and what will be helpful to you.  For example, green color is the classic, related to liver meridian for health and wellness of body mind and spirit.  This is good qi energy for everyone, and the dark or light green that appeals to you is the "yin or yang" helpful to you. White jade is related to the lung meridian, "hong" reddish-orange related to the heart meridian.  Yellow related to the spleen meridian.  Black deep deep green related to kidney meridian.  If you keep returning to look at a certain jade, and maybe even drool when you look at it, that is a good indication it is the right jade for you.

And if you have a collection of jade bangles, pendants, as your life changes every day, you can also change your jade to help with balance of body, mind and spirit.  Taking the time to "feel" the qi energy in your jade, and in you, helps become become more intuitive, not just about jade, but about your life.

Jade is beautiful and wonderful to wear.  It's not just a "luxury".  It's a helpful part of your life.  Investing  in jade is investing in yourself.  

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Thursday, December 3, 2020

What Does A Gift of Jade Mean? And What Makes a Good Jade Gift?

 Chinese, Asian people often give a gift of a jade piece they wear all the time, because they believe that the jade has become part of them and by giving it to a family member or close friend, they are giving a part of themselves. Jade qi helps to balance the body, and the body qi flows into the jade.

These days, people often prefer to give jade they have not worn, or even jade they have had, but not used, and want to share the pleasure of it with someone special.

We are nearing the holidays, and now is a time when we give and receive lots of gifts!  So if you love jade, and want to give something special to someone special, what makes a good gift?

People are buying online now, so I am learning what is becoming popular for gifts.

One of our most popular gift items over the years has been jade rollers.  They are good for everyone, to keep their qi moving smoothly for health and wellness, and using a jade roller makes you feel good, cool and relaxed.   Ying Yu Jade has a variety of jade rollers, different sizes and styles.  They are genuine and natural Chinese jade made by our jade carver in China to Chinese medicine standards.  And you can even package them very nicely to make them even more attractive.

Ying Yu Jade Rollers for Health, Wellness, Beauty
More styles on Ying Yu Jade

This year one of our most popular gifts is the Chinese jade gua sha tool with comb.  Gua sha tools also work well with jade rollers, and they are used to smooth the body qi for health and wellness.  The gua sha tool with comb on one edge has become used so much because it is used to stimulate the scalp.  Our heads need good stimulation to keep hair follicles clean, stimulate blood flow for good hair growth.  I use one every day and it feels so good!  It has helped my thin hair to become thicker.

Ying Yu Jade Gua Sha Tool with Comb

Jade carvings make good gifts for everyone.  When you know someone well, you also know what is meaningful to them.  Our jade carvings are very traditional, symbolic.  The meaning of the carving is included in the description.  The jade "money toad" has been very popular because it is symbolic of luck and fortune, financial security.  With more people working from their homes now during this COVID crisis, a money toad that faces the office, or room where most of the business takes place, has good energy for luck and fortune.  

These are just some of the most popular jade gifts, and in our future blogs we will discuss more jade that makes good gifts.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Genuine and Natural Jade - Will I Find Grade A Burmese Jadeite and Chinese Jade at a Wholesale Gem Show?

 I was so happy to finally have a gem trade show to go to this year.  The G&LW Wholesale Gem Jewelry Show and Sale was a few days ago.  I "wander around" the show first, up and down all the aisles, in all the special rooms, then I can decide what to buy.   But my main goal of going to gem shows is to get inspired, and learn about what kind of jade is being sold, and the wholesale prices here in USA.

There are usual at least five sellers that know I am one of the first buyers "in the door" and set aside special jade pieces for me because they know I like their jade and prices.  This time only one seller, and I purchased some very good quality Burmese jadeite pendants, and jadeite beads for stretch bracelets.  These are for sale on both Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.

There was only one gem seller who had a small collection of Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets on display.  They had fewer than 20 pieces, but they all were genuine and natural grade A Burmese jadeite.  He had a refraction tester but with my years of experience, I could tell they were grade A.  An interesting thing was that they were all smaller sizes, 53 mm -59 mm.  We discussed that 20 years ago, when I started selling jade online, those were the sizes that I purchased.  I still have a supply of these sizes that are not listed, but now most women wear larger sizes.  And we both agreed that unless the larger sizes include certificates of gemology testing,  we need to test to make sure they are genuine and natural.  The wholesale prices he had listed were actually very close to the regular prices on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.  We all enjoyed our discussion about jadeite.

Was there "fake jade" at this gem show?   Of course!  When I confronted the sellers of nephrite, quartz, aventurine, they were reluctant to admit that.  But eventually agreed it was not genuine and natural jadeite or Chinese jade.

"Rainbow Jade" beads at Wholesale Gem Show

The "jade" beads in this photo were very pretty.  And gem show visitors were buying them, some people as fast as they could before they sold out.  When I asked to step in and take a photo, someone asked if I was going to "grab them up" before they could, and I said, no, that I bought and sold only genuine and natural jade.  And I was told by the buyers that they loved to sell these color treated jade beads because they could sell at a very low price, and their buyers love them.

If you like "pretty, colorful jade", buy it!   Enjoy wearing it.   I personally have a few jade bangle bracelets that are color treated grade B, C Burmese jadeite I wear for special occasions, goes with some of my "outfits".

But if you want only genuine and natural jade, be careful of colorful, "pretty" jade.

I treat my customers the way I want to be treated.   The descriptions are honest and can be backed up by GIA gemology testing.  

Buy what you like, items that make you happy.   You know where to shop online for the best quality at reasonable prices.

Ying Yu Jade, Genuine and Natural Chinese Jade and Burmese Jadeite

Jade Heaven, "Heavenly Jade for You"

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

How Much Should I Pay for a Jade Bangle Bracelet? How Much Does Jade Cost?

 Not a very new topic, this has been discussed in the past, but with the holiday season approaching, and dealing with craziness from COVID, time to add to the conversation.

The Chinese saying:   "Gold and Diamonds have a price, but jade has no price"   Diamonds and gold are often valued by carat and karat weight, so prices can be consistent for them, although the details of the item will add to the value.

Burmese jadeite and Chinese jade prices are based on what people want, and what they are willing to pay.  When I bought the jade for Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven web sites, I went to China personally to purchase it.   There are no prices on jade when you buy wholesale directly from the jade carvers.  I had to arrive in China two days before I started shopping, with cash only, take it to the Chinese bank, and exchange it for Chinese money.   Real jade sellers who sell real jade take cash only.  And China allowed only a certain amount of foreign money each day to exchange for Chinese money.  Of course I truly enjoyed my time in Beijing, Tianjin, visiting friends, my Chinese doctor friend, and traveling, eating, exploring.  

Then I went north to Xiuyan where traditional Chinese jade is mined, met with my jade carver, shopped and ordered for shipping to me.  I learned so much about Chinese jade from the jade mines, jade museums.  And that's how I can spot the "fake jade", what I often see at gem trade shows, in regular stores in USA, and online especially from jade sellers in the south of China, around Guangzhou.  Jade mined there is often nephrite, or something else color treated to look like jade. 

Then traveled south to the Myanmar (Burma) border for the Burmese jadeite.  I was trained by a vice president of the China Jade Association how to know if jade is grade A, or B or C, color treated.  There is a photo of us working together on Ying Yu Jade Facebook page. 

All the Burmese jadeite had to be "bargained" for.  The price was whatever the seller and the buyer agreed on.  When I made a purchase, I left a note in the jadeite I bought so I could decide what to sell it for.  The price includes the actual jade price, my expenses of going to China, what it costs to get it listed on the web sites, and the costs of accepting payment from credit card processing.  And other costs, like accessories to pack, shipping charges, taxes I have to pay, and more.  The hours of taking photos, editing so they look like the "real thing" and writing descriptions has no price, it's a never ending task for me.  

There are some long time jade sellers in China, and Hong Kong who look at my websites and give me feedback about prices.  99% of the time, I am told that "my prices are too low", the jade bangle bracelets have higher value.  But, selling online is not like selling to tourists in China, Hong Kong, who can see the "real thing", touch it, feel the good qi energy.  And with all the fake jade being sold, I understand it's difficult to trust online sellers.  I have guarantees on the Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, if you purchase Burmese jadeite that I claim is grade A, genuine and natural color, and you get it tested and get a certification that it is not grade A, I give a full refund, and great apology.  I have not had that happen in the 20 years of selling jade online.  

AND, if you look at Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, you will notice that many items are on sale now, prices marked down.  The holiday season is approaching.  The shipping companies are raising their prices because more people are buying online, and higher prices will go into effect in December.  And the worst part is shipping may not be as reliable.  If you buy a gorgeous jade bangle bracelet and it gets delayed because of shipping problems in the systems, or lost, or delivered "somewhere else", you will not be happy.   So now is a good time to shop before holiday shopping starts.

AND, if you see a jade item you like, but you think the price is too high for you, you can "make an offer", just like shopping at a jade market in China!   The web sites have email addresses for you to contact me with the item number, description, and what you would like to offer.   Your offer will either be accepted, or a counter offer made.  Again, just like shopping at a jade market in China!

If you want good quality, genuine and natural "real" jade and Burmese jadeite, trust Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven.  Check the Deal of the Day on Ying Yu Jade, and "Heavenly Jade Sale" on Jade Heaven. Ying Yu Jade sells both kinds of jade: Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite, and a variety of items like pendants, jade carvings, Chinese medicine jade health tools like rollers, gua sha, facial masks.  Jade Heaven sells Burmese jadeite, some of the highest quality and best bangles and pendants I found while shopping in China.  

I love jade, and sell only the jade quality and jade items that I personally love and would wear, want for myself.   

And I treat customers the way I like to be treated.

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