Tuesday, September 14, 2021

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear? Old or New?

 I have been "cleaning up" the office and reorganizing.  You will see on the Sale pages in Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade that we are offering "free mystery gifts" with purchase.  These are the "odds and ends" of Chinese and jade items that we will give customers who make a purchase and add the "free gift" to their cart when they check out.

One of the jade items I found in a corner in a pretty silk Chinese page was a small Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet that is my size.  But I didn't know why I had it stashed away for "me" because it sure didn't look like one I would keep for myself.  It's small 53 mm and classic round, quite thin so it's not heavy on the wrist. The coloring seemed to be a muddy green.  I keep the jade, especially the Burmese jadeite in cool dark places, which is how professional jade sellers should do to keep their color and qi energy good.  I put it on my wrist to remind me to take photos and list it.  And I knew that it would probably look more pretty as I wear it, because it blends with body qi and daylight and warmth make it look the way it is supposed to when mined and carved.  It must have been in the dark cool corner for a long time, because when I put it on, it started to look "brighter" and more shiny.  Two days later, I could see rare and precious imperial green veins.  And some "hong" red-ish veins.  And although it is small and thin, it feels cold on my wrist.  

And that's how I know it is genuine and natural "old mine" Burmese jadeite, mined and carved at least 20 years ago. The cold feeling comes because of the grain of the jade stone.  And I tested it with refraction to see it is genuine jadeite.  The "old mine" jadeite is so rare to find today.  When the political conflict started in Myanmar (Burma) the jade mines were closed or damaged, and new mines were opened later.  But the jade is not the same good quality and color as it was prior to 2000.  

The color did not change while it was "lost".  It was preserved.  

And I wish I had taken a photo of it when I first "found" it so I could show you how it looked before I started wearing it.  

A friend who saw it when I found it, and sees how it looks today, doesn't "see any difference".  She is not a jade lover!  And I don't "yak about jade" all the time.  I do have a life!

So...if you order a Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet that is older (usually does not have the modern Certificate of Gemology testing from China) and it doesn't look exactly like the photo when you receive, put it on your wrist and wear it a day or two.  Then you will probably see the color and veins look like the photo, because we take our photos in natural daylight so they look like "the real thing".

That is of course if you purchase it from Ying Yu Jade or Jade Heaven.

"Old Mine" Burmese Jadeite Bangle Bracelet
(Not the one described in this post)

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Saturday, July 24, 2021

How to Take Care of Jade in Summer

 You love your jade.  You take good care of your jade bangle bracelet because you want to keep it "happy and healthy".  You wonder "what do I do if my jade cracks or breaks".  

Jade is "stone", and it is special.  So how do we take care of our jade in summer?

This is a very hot summer this year.  When it's not raining, the sun is shining brightly.   And jade does not like heat or bright light.  When I shopped in China for best quality Burmese jadeite, especially bangle bracelets, I always went to the Burma border to buy directly from the jade carvers, and I only purchased from the sellers who did not have their jadeite in direct sunlight.  And then when I was in the cities, like Guangzhou, where there were "jade markets", and shops that sold very valuable and high priced jadeite, the shops looked dark from the outside, and looked like they were closed, but they were actually open. * They kept the lights turned off, and when customers came in, they had low lights.  That's where I learned that living in Florida, I needed to keep my jade out of direct sunlight.  All of the inventory I have in storage is in closets so they don't have light.  And are cool.  That's why sometimes customers receive the jade they purchased and tell me it's slightly different from what they expected.  I tell them to put the jade bangle on your wrist and wear it all the time for awhile, and it gets its "glow" back, looks more pretty in regular daylight.  

I also wear my jade bangle when I go to the pool, in the water.  But I don't stay in the pool for a long time, usually just to cool off, get a little water exercise.  When I get out of the pool, I immediately take a shower and clean the jade bangle, rub it dry.  I've been doing this for 16 years now, living in Florida and have not damaged a jade bangle.  But I do keep my Chinese jade "Money Toad" in my office near a window, and I see Toad is losing its good green color.  (We're both getting old!).

My personal Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet with imperial green 
color, wide, smallest size I can get on my wrist.  Value $50,000+

Also, when I get on my "hands and knees" and wash floors, clean hard countertops, I am careful not to let my bangle hit a hard surface.   And that's a reason to wear the smallest jade bangle you can get on so it sits close to your wrist and doesn't move up and down your arm much.  

Also, when I take my jade bangle off because I need the qi energy from a different jade bangle, I always remove it over a soft area so if it falls, it won't break.  

So protect your jade by keeping it clean.  You can wear it when you bathe or shower, it loves water, but wipe it clean when you are done.  If you use sunscreen, lotions, clean the jade from it.  If you stop wearing your jade for awhile, keep it in a cool, dark place.  

*When you shop our stores Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven, you will find some Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets and pendants that are very high price.  That's because they were purchased in specialty shops, very valuable, beautiful and "best quality".   On Jade Heaven and Ying Yu Jade, you do get what you pay for.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear - Daoism, Balance and Empty Vessel Magazine

 If you are interested in Daoism, "the Way", you might be interested in the Empty Vessel Magazine.  Right now it is an option to get a free copy of previous Empty Vessel magazines when you make a purchase on Ying Yu Jade.  

Empty Vessel Magazine

Many of our jade items have descriptions that are related to Daoism.  For example, "Yin and Yang" (light and dark) balancing jade bangle bracelets, pendants.  

Many customers tell me that they find a jade bangle, pendant or carving that appeals to them so much they keep coming back to look at it, and when they receive it they feel very attached to it, and it means so very much to them.  And they often ask me why they feel that way.

One of the main ideas of Taoism is the belief in balancing forces, or yin and yang. These ideas represent matching pairs, such as light and dark, hot and cold, action and inaction, which work together toward a universal whole.

And that's one of the reasons I was attracted to jade when I first started going to China and seeing people wearing jade, looking at jade in shops all over China.  There is so much jade for sale in China that instead of just buying any jade to sell, I put my mind and body in a Dao state to "feel" what felt extra special, and that's the only kind of jade I would buy to sell online.  And when I "felt" jade qi energy, every Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite piece I purchased was genuine and natural.  

Dao is "the Way".  It is a simple and natural way of being in our bodies and our psyches, and sharing the Way of being with all life we come into contact with. (Quote from Empty Vessel)

I went to several Buddhist and Daoist monasteries in China, some in major cities, and some in the country side, mountains.  Buddhism seems slightly more formal than Daoism.  The people living in Daoist communities are natural in touch with life, living in the moment.  All we have is "Now",

There are a few copies of the Empty Vessel Magazine I have available if you are interested in learning more. They are located on Ying Yu Jade "Deal of the Day".   And this Way of Life will help you choose that best jade - for YOU!

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Jade at a Wholesale Gem Show

 I went to my favorite wholesale gem show a few days ago.  I was so happily surprised it was packed with sellers like it was before COVID.  I like to walk through all the rooms in the front, then go into the large open area where most of the sellers are and walk up and down the rows and rows of tables and exhibits.  I usually don't purchase anything during my first "trip around the show".  When I go around the second time, I seem to be attracted to gemstones that have good compatibility with me.  And I start seriously shopping.  

"Raiders of Lost Art" display at Gem Show

In previous blogs about these gem shows,  I mentioned how much "fake jade" is being sold.  This show didn't have as much "fake jade",  but a lot of the Burmese jadeite was color treated so it wasn't grade A but the sellers denied that it was color treated.  Jadeite coming from China often gets certificates of gemology testing, and some that are labeled as grade A have had polish with color in it after the testing to make it looks more colorful and "beautiful".  The way the lighting was at the show this time gave it an appearance that made me stop and handle it, hold it at different angles.  My jade associate in China who virtually shops with me for jadeite near the Burma border told me and showed me photos and videos about the waxing and polishing with color, but the sellers at the show denied it.

I was surprised and pleased to see genuine and natural Chinese jade carvings that a few of the sellers had.  Some were really large and detailed carvings, similar to the Ying Yu Jade carvings.  The prices were quite high, but it gave me the knowledge about what Chinese jade carvings, pendants sell for now.  The prices have truly increased over the years.  I purchased some very well carved Chinese jade "money toads", the frog with a slit in the mouth to put in a coin.   I have a huge Chinese jade money toad in my office, next to my desk with a big coin, to help my jade business to be successful.  This photo is the jade money toes I purchased for Ying Yu Jade.

And of course I am always tempted to buy jade for myself!  How can I resist!  I have been limiting myself to one item only at these gem shows, and this is what I purchased this time:

Ox Pendant with Jade

This is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox, and this year is the Metal Ox.  The Ox head and horns are made from ox bone. It is attached to a silver backing and bail.  And in the middle of Ox's head is a jade stone!  It's big, 4" across and 3" length, a good strong Ox.  And although it's "mine", you can make an offer on it if you would like it (I have a pendant that is similar but no jade in Ox's head).  I will not wear it for 30 days and that's the time I will take offers.   Contact me at yingyujade@yingyujade.com to make your offer, be sure to include a note that you are making an offer on Ox.  After 3  days, then it's truly mine!

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet Should I Wear? My Wrist is Sore

 I have been selling jade online for 21 years.  So many customers are pleased with our jade that they come back for more!

But some of our long time customers are getting older, and wonder why their jade bangle bracelet doesn't feel comfortable on their wrist now.  I have been told that their lovely, heavy Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets "flops around" more on their wrist.  The bangle goes half way up their forearm, then "clunks" when it fall to their wrist.

I understand this problem.  I spend a great deal of time taking photos, listing jade products, updating the web sites, and every day there is a technical issue to deal with that requires a lot of "finger work" and  "wrist work" as I type, type, type so much during the day.  And I'm getting older, too.  My arms and wrists have become more "bony".  And I'm getting carpal tunnel issues, which means a more sore wrist.  (And just to let you know what helps, I use a jade "acu-roller" that has carved "needles" on it so it keeps my wrist feeling less painful).

My favorite jade bangle bracelets include heavy ones.  I love carved jade bangle bracelets, which are heavy because they have lots of jade in them.  And I love a very wide translucent white Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet that has rare imperial green veins in it.  It's very wide, difficult to get on, but when it's on my wrist, it stays close to my wrist and doesn't "clunk around" much.

I haven't blogged in awhile because I have been very busy with orders for jade gua sha tools that were shown on a TikTok video.  So many orders, I sold out and had to order more!  And all that work with orders, printing labels, keeping track of the supply, made my wrist start to ache, so I switched to a very slender and small Burmese jadeite bangle.  It's the classic round style, very vintage, and usually round jade bangles can be felt more on the wrist.  But because this one is so slender, it's very comfortable.

Another option for a sore wrist is to wear a Chinese jade bead stretch bracelet on the sore wrist.  These are made from genuine and natural Chinese jade that has been used for centuries to make jade health tools, like jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, jade "needles" and more.  Chinese jade has the qi energy for healing, and I have learned over the years that it does help make a sore wrist feel better.

Chinese Jade Bead Bracelet

Some of us jade lovers wear jade bangle bracelets for the beauty, some wear jade bangles for the good qi that appeals to them, and some of us have a large collection of jade bangle bracelets with beauty then choose what kind of qi energy they need at the time.  

And that's the best way to wear jade!

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

What Kind of Jade is Selling Best Now? Jade Gua Sha Tools

 I have not added to the blog for several weeks because we have been so busy selling jade!  I started selling jade in 2000, introduced jade bangle bracelets, jade rollers, jade pendants, and now they are very popular.  These past few weeks there has been so many orders for jade gua sha tools that I have had to order more from my jade carver in China.

Ying Yu Jade gua sha tools are made to Chinese medicine standards.  My jade carver buys the genuine and natural jade directly from the jade mine, so we know it is truly "real" jade.  My Chinese doctor friend in Beijing works with the jade carver to make sure these are made to "international standards".  Customers expect "perfect" jade, and want green color that is fairly even on each tool, and no imperfections, like scratches, or edges slightly irregular.  Jade is natural, and there is a Chinese saying:  "the jade carver always leaves something behind", meaning the natural-ness sometimes doesn't seem "perfect" to customers,  But they still work great!

One of our most popular jade gua sha tools has a "comb" on one edge.  You use the tool for scraping the qi as usual, then you have an option for scraping the head and scalp with the points of the comb.  I use one of these every day.  I used to have to wash my shoulder length hair every 1-2 days, and since I started scraping the top of my head with the points, my  scalp is more healthy, hair growing in more evenly and slight thicker on the top where I was getting "bald", and it feels so good.

The jade gua sha tools are a size that fits most hands.  The shape and style is very versatile.   You can work with one, or several, depending on how you perform gua sha.  Gua sha is the scraping of the skin over the meridians to keep the qi flowing smoothly, for health and wellness.  

Ying Yu Jade also includes a basic pamphlet of instructions how to use gua sha.

After you start using gua sha, and feel the benefits, keep your gua sha tool nearby.  When you look at it, your "qi" may let you know it's time for more.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

What Kind of Jade Should I Wear During COVID Pandemic?

A customer contacted me recently, telling me about how sad she was that she could not wear her jade bangle bracelet now.  She had researched how to keep herself safe from COVID by what she wears.   And jewelry was one of the items mentioned that she should NOT wear because it can carry the virus.  

Jewelry like gold and silver probably can carry the virus because there are often edges, roughness, links, clasps.   But jade is solid.

And we jade lovers know that jade has good qi energy if it is genuine and natural.  Chinese jade has been used for centuries as Chinese medicine because of the qi that is healing, as well as the actual tool.

Most of us are attracted to certain kind of jade when we shop for it.  Sometimes it's the symbols, like pendants, and most of the time it's the color of the jade, the color patterns, that attract us.  That's because our body "knows" what kind of qi it needs to be healthy.

During this COVID time, the best kind of jade to wear is probably Chinese jade, the same kind of jade health tools are made from.  Most of this Chinese jade is green, and green is related to the liver meridian for health and healing of the body.  Chinese jade made by our jade carver in China is polished to be smooth so there are not rough areas, cracks that the virus might live in.  

Another kind of jade that is healthy to wear during COVID, or when you feel you need safety, is black jade.  Ying Yu Jade has been selling deep deep green that looks black for many years.  I personally wear a "black" jade bangle on the opposite wrist of my regular jade bangle when I travel, or now when I have to go out to get groceries, go to appointments.  I always wore the "black" jade bangle when I went on cruises and never got sick.

he "River Jade" colors come from the water while the jade is being formed.  These natural colors coordinate with the five meridians:  green for liver meridian, red (or hong) for heart meridian, white for lung meridian, yellow or brownish-yellow for spleen meridian, and green for the liver meridian.  If you are attracted to one of these kind of jades, your qi will probably benefit from it.

Burmese jadeite is different from Chinese jade, but if it is genuine and natural, it is probably also safe to wear during this COVID time.

So get the best jade bangle for your qi, and enjoy wearing it safely.


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