Sunday, October 15, 2023

COVID or Lung Problems? White Jade Has Healing Qi Energy

 This week while I was working in my "jade office" I received a phone call from a special, long time friend.  We stay in touch often.  She was unable to work at her job for a few weeks because she had COVID, then got COVID again.  She also has asthma, so was having problems with her lungs.  As we were talking, my eyes kept looking  at a basket of jade on the floor near my feet.  It has several white Chinese jade bangle bracelets.  The smile stayed on my face, and my heart felt "happy".  White jade is related to the Lung meridian.  

White jade is a good qi jade to wear in Summer when it's hot, warm for cooling.  And it is a good Qi for healthy lungs.  So I picked out a classic round Chinese white jade bangle bracelet and sent it to her.

My jade office was hot, so I put another white jade bangle on my wrist.

White jade also has Qi energy for emotional health, reducing stress and spiritual support.

A white jade bangle on your wrist can be "felt" 24/7.  You can rub it, move it around to feel better.

White jade pendants also have the Qi energy.

Jade and its Qi energy has been used in China, Asia for centuries, not only for beauty, but also healing.
Ying Yu Jade, JadeBangleBracelets and Jade Heaven all have genuine and natural white Burmese jadeite and Chinese jade products that are not only beautiful, but healthy to wear, Body, Mind and Spirit

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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Vaginal Dryness Can Be Fatal and Jade Eggs and Ben Wall Balls are Helpful

 Medscape posted today that vaginal dryness can be fatal.  The thing that kills women is GSM.

GSM — what does it mean? It's not just a little vaginal dryness. It turns out that all of the genital and urinary symptoms from menopause just get worse over time. The bladder, the urethra, and the vagina have lots of hormone receptors, including estrogen and testosterone. When the body no longer makes those hormones, the system doesn't work very well, and genital and urinary symptoms occur that just get worse over time without treatment. Unlike hot flashes, which tend to go away, GSM does not.

And what kills women is urinary tract infection.

So it's important are aware of vaginal dryness and how to treat it. The most common method is estrogen cream.  But that can cause side effects.

Jade eggs  and ben wa balls are designed for women who want an alternative for kegel exercise and to improve vaginal strength and lubrication.  In additional to kegel exercise, using jade eggs or benwa balls helps increase vaginal lubrication and moisture for every day comfort as well as for sexual intercourse.

A Chinese doctor and I designed these to be the best size for women. He says that using the eggs is "vaginal kung fu" because it strengthens and tones and gives that part of the body more power and feeling of well being. Doing kegal exercises is easier when you have an object for feedback about what you're doing. Most people who do kegals aren't doing them with enough effort, and these can help. And jade is related to the body qi, energy. Jade energy is healing to the body, and jade qi and body qi work together. That's one of the reasons Chinese people love jade. It's natural stone, smooth, and is compatible with the body.

When you have vaginal dryness, or approaching menopause, get your genuine and natural Chinese jade ben wa ball and/or eggs.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Acupuncture for Healing? Jade Acu-Roller is Alternative

 If you think acupuncture would help your health, wellness and medical problems, but cannot get "real" acupuncture, a Chinese jade acu-roller is a helpful alternative.

Ying Yu Jade rollers are made from traditional genuine and natural Chinese jade that has been used for centuries for health, healing, wellness.  The "needles" are carved to tradition Chinese medicine standards.

You can search online for the acupuncture points related to your problem.  Then find a chart to locate them.  Then use the acu-roller to slowly, with firmness, roll over the areas.  Always roll from "top to bottom", one way.  If you have nerve problems, you can have someone helpful us it on your back, spine, from top to bottom of spine.

You can also use it for wellness.  I use my jade acu-roller daily, starting at my shoulders, neck, upper arms, and use pressure that "feels right".  This stimulates at acu-points and keeps them in good condition.  

Also, jade itself has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, because of the healing Qi energy.

Ying Yu Jade also sells regular jade rollers, small-medium-large, and "acu-rings" to use on your hand.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Is My Jade Real? How Do I Know if My Jade is Real Jade?

 How do I know if my jade is real?  Good question!

The photo shows me jade shopping in China for jade bangle bracelets, jade pendants, jade jewelry.  And the person who is helping me is the man who was vice president of China Jade Association.  He helped me learn how to shop for genuine and natural jade, mostly Burmese jadeite near the Burma (Myanmar) border.  He also had his own jade shop where he and his staff did testing to determine if it was genuine and natural grade A.

I purchased the equipment that tests jade, and use it for each jade item listed on our online Jade Stores:

Ying Yu Jade   
Jade Heaven    

I went to China during summer to shop for jade.  Because China is very warm in summer, I enjoyed "feeling" the coolness of the jade.  I touched the jade I was interested in purchasing, and the ones that felt cool attracted me the most.  When it's hot, and you are wearing a jade bangle bracelet, you can often feel the coolness on your wrist, unless of course it is color treated or "fake".

If you are looking for real, genuine and natural jade, you can rely on our stores.  There are discounts, sales daily on each sites Sale page.  So you can get real jade at a real good price.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Jade for Protection in Hot Humid Summer Weather

 This summer has been very hot, humid and rainy so far, and it's only the "middle of Summer".  

One of the big concerns now is that mosquitoes and multiplied quickly.  And they are carrying viruses that may start another pandemic.

When I see people walking for exercise in this heat and humidity, I often see the people "smacking themself" because they are probably trying to avoid the mosquitoes.  

When I go outdoors, I always wear my jade.  My classic jade bangle is a genuine and natural Burmese jadeite "old mine" carved-all-around imperial green bangle.  The color and carving give me good Qi energy for my activity in the heat and humidity.  And in this weather now, I also wear a Chinese jade black bangle bracelet.  Black jade has Qi energy for protection.  My black jade bangle is "Double Dragons Hold Pearl" and protect.  I don't have to wear insect repellant on my upper body.  

If you are not sure what is the best jade for you, view all the jade on our jade stores and choose the one(s) that appeal to you the most.  The attraction is the Qi your body needs most.

Ying Yu Jade   https://yingyujade,com

Jade Heaven


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Monday, July 17, 2023

Jade Bangle Bracelets and Summer Heat

 This year is a hot summer for many of us!  I keep all of the jade inventory in cool, dark air conditioned office.  Since jade comes from a cool, cold jade mine, that's what keeps jade in good condition.

I'm working now, writing this blog, and wearing a very vintage "Old Mine" Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet I purchased many years ago while jade shopping at the Burma border.  It is oval shape, which I like for my thin wrist, so it stays close to my wrist.  And it is carved on one side, and that's the side I like at the top of my wrist.  As I'm writing this, the jade bangle does move up and down my wrist.  And it's amazing as it moves I can feel "coolness" of jadeite.  And to make it even more interesting,  my bangle has some "imperial green" veins that look even more "imperial" in the heat.

This photo is not the jade bangle I am wearing, but it is for sale on Ying Yu Jade.  

It is carved with flowers, and looks and feels so awesome in this heat of summer.

There are some Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven have small imperial green veins that look "more imperial" as you wear them.

What's the best jade bangle for you?  When you look at them, the ones that appeal to you the most are "best for you".

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Jade Gua Sha Tools Medical Tradition and Fake Use Today

 Ying Yu Jade genuine and natural Chinese jade Gua Sha tool and roller set, only three remain at this discount price. This is a helpful set to first scraping with the gua sha, then using the roller to treat quite a few everyday and common health problems, like stiff neck, tension, travel sickness like dealing with time change. When I arrived in Beijing after a long flight from USA, my Chinese doctor met me at the airport and used these on my neck and upper back while we traveled from airport to downtown Beijing, and the next day I didn't have any "jet lag" and was "ready to go" the next morning. Get your best price on best jade on Ying Yu Jade "Deal of the Day".


I ordered a few sets of these two jade tools: Gua Sha tools #9 and a classic jade roller that is packed in a "nice box" that customers would probably like to learn if I should order from my jade carver in China boxed. But the box is "modern" and terribly incorrect. It states that gua sha tools are made to be used on the face for "lines and wrinkles". But using on the face could be very damaging to skin, small veins under the skin. The jade roller is good for improving face, but NOT a gua sha tools. So I have a few of this set in boxes with that harmful information that I am selling now to get rid of them and never have this fake and dangerous "information" on the gua sha tools I sell. So if you want a lower price, buy now, but understand that gua sha can be harmful. Use jade rollers all over your body, but gua sha tools on neck, and body.

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