Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Chinese Lunar New Year 2023 "Year of the Rabbit

Chinese Lunar New Year is January 22, 2023.  It's the Year of the "Water Rabbit": Longevity and Peace.  The colors are Green, Black and White.

It's traditional to buy your new jade to wear and celebrate. The jade that is best for New Year is traditional Chinese jade.  And the traditional color of the jade for your Qi energy to have the best year are green, black, and white.

Black jade is related to the Kidney meridian

White jade is related to the Lung meridian

And of course classic green jade, related to Liver meridian, is traditional for all your Qi.

For Year of the Rabbit natural freshwater pearl is also auspicious.  And Ying Yu Jade genuine and natural freshwater pearl necklaces with green jade are awesome!

While you are shopping for jade, keep in mind that the jade that appeals to you most probably has the best Qi for you!

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Thursday, January 12, 2023

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy and Wear? During Colder Winter

 Genuine and natural jade is more rare and prices higher than the "fake jade" now.  So you want to get the most of what you spend on jade: the beauty and Qi energy.  When the weather is more cool, cold, here are suggestions for the kind of jade that has the best Qi energy.

Green jade has "qi energy" related to liver meridian, for good body health.  Green jade is a classic color.  

Fu Lu Shou three color jade has the qi energy for liver, heart and lungs.

Black jade has "qi energy" related to kidney, for strength and protection.

And while you are jade shopping, keep in mind the jade that appeals to you the most has the best "qi energy" for YOU!  Visit our three online jade stores:

Ying Yu Jade
Jade Heaven

Order now  and we will upgrade Free Shipping for jade $188+ to USPS Priority Mail so it arrives quickly.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

What Kind of Jade Should I Buy? Real and Natural Jade Approved By Better Business Bureau

 Ying Yu Jade introduced Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite to USA 23 years ago.  And now there are a lot of "fake jade" sellers so we have to be careful what jade we buy.  Ying Yu Jade has been accredited by Better Business Bureau! BBB reviewed our listings, products, policies and more. They saw the certificates of Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets. They saw that jade was also tested in our office by an official refraction meter for testing gemstones. They know we are selling genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite. So feel safe shopping with us!

Ying Yu Jade sells genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite.  There are quite a few categories: bangle bracelets, pendants, carvings, gua sha tools, jade rollers and more.

Jade Heaven sells genuine and natural Burmese jadeite bangles, pendants, necklaces, bracelets

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Best Jade for Sale - Ying Yu Jade Genuine and Natural Chinese Jade and Burmese Jadeite

 Ying Yu Jade "introduced" jade to USA 23 years ago.  I went to China with my taiji and qigong master and group to learn about Chinese medicine, and tour Beijing.  I had the opportunity to tour a Chinese medicine hospital and was amazed at the Chinese jade medicine tools that were used for healing.  I immediately felt the "Qi Energy" in the jade and purchased some to take home.  My second trip to Beijing was two months later, and because I loved the qi in the jade health tools, jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, I also want a jade bangle bracelet.  Near the hotel I stayed at was a jade bangle bracelet store where people were always buying jade: for gifts, men purchased for marital engagements, and I bought a bangle for me!  I thought the jade was so beautiful and helpful, I decided to find a jade seller in China, and go to China again.  I went to Beijing, and did taiji along with the Chinese solders in Tiananmen Square in the morning, and took a train to Dandong, in north east China.  A government official met me at the train station and took me to Xiuyan where the Chinese jade mines were, and then to a jade carver who made jade health tools, jade bangles, pendants and more for me to sell online.  That's when Ying Yu Jade started.

I returned to China every summer to meet with my Chinese medicine doctor and jade carver, then traveled all over China, to Guangzhou where I discovered and learned about Burmese jadeite.  I met an official of the Chinese Jade Association, who also had a wonderful jade shop.  He took me to the south of China, near the Burma (Myanmar) border where Burmese jadeite was taken to be carved and sold.  And I learned about testing Burmese jadeite to learn of it is genuine and natural, not color treated.  I purchase many jadeite bangles, and testing tools I learned how to use.

So Ying Yu Jade has been selling genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite for many years.  When I started  selling, it was on eBay and sold out quickly because there was only one other seller, in Hawaii, that sold jade to USA.  Then I designed my own web site stores.

Now many people are selling jade online.  

In 2008 there were political problem in Myanmar (Burma) and the USA forbid any jadeite to enter USA.  But of course people still sold to USA people online.  But because of the political problems in Myanmar, there was jadeite mine damage, and that wonderful "old mine" jadeite became very rare.  The jadeite available wasn't as colorful and pretty as it was before, so it started getting color treated, making it Grade B.  So a lot of "fake jade" started being sold as "real jade".  Then Certificates of Gemology Testing started becoming available.  And some of those are "fake" now, too.

Jade sellers in China overwhelmed me trying to sell jade to me when I didn't go to China.  But I told them I buy only genuine and natural, and their jade was not genuine and natural.  These "fake jade" sellers started leaving negative comments about Ying Yu Jade because I was telling the truth about jade and they didn't want to "suffer".  

Even now Ying Yu Jade gets negative reviews that are not true.  If a customer is not happy with the jade they purchase from YYJ, I do my best to help them find what they are looking for.  I  often offer store credit to make exchanges, and sometimes give extra discounts, because I want customers to be happy with their purchase and customer service.  I am so happy with my jade and I want other people to be happy with it, too.  

And I use my jade testing tools, refraction, to test the Burmese jadeite.  My Chinese jade carver in China still uses the genuine, natural Chinese jade he buys from the jade mines.

So if you want genuine and natural Chinese jade and Burmese jadeite,  you can shop our main store Ying Yu Jade ( and Jade Heaven  (

And contact me by the email on these stores if you have questions, or need help shopping.

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Jade Gifts for Family, Friends, and YOU

Looking for something special to give to your family and friends?  Jade is always special.  And  our jade is genuine and natural jade.

Jade has "Qi energy" that connects to the five Meridians of the body.  When you see a jade your really like, that is your Body, Mind and Spirit letting you know it's right for you!

Gifts for Family:  Get the "feel" for the Qi because you are all family with some similar body, mind and spirit.  If you know the jade bangle bracelet size, browse the listings and see what appeals to you.

If you prefer something other than a bangle bracelets, there are flexible bead bracelets, jade beads on adjustable bracelets. 

Jade pendants are wore close to neck and heart, and "feel good".  

Other jade gifts that are good for family and friends include jade health tools, like jade rollers, gua sha scraping tools, masks and jade Pillow Covers for naps, sleeping.

Jade Mask for Beauty, Wellness 

Jade carvings, tea pots and tea pot sets are unique, one of a kind jade items, made from genuine and natural Chinese jade by our jade carver in China.  A jade "Money Toad" with a coin in the mouth has Qi energy for bringing cash, money into home, business.

Pearl necklaces are becoming more popular now, and Ying Yu Jade has a variety of pearl necklaces that were made for us at the Pearl Market in Beijing from natural pearls.

Ying Yu Jade has a collection of "Spiritual Crystal Pendants" with special carving on the back that looks awesome when wearing it.

And while you are jade shopping, you might find a special gift for yourself!

There are discounts daily on all our jade products.  Check the Sale pages for the coupon codes to use.

And sometimes there is a FREE GIFT for you that you can add to your Cart from the Sale page, so YOU will get something special shopping for family and friends.

Ying Yu Jade
Genuine and Natural Chinese Jade and Burmese Jadeite

Jade Heaven
"Heavenly Jade for You"

"Shop Like You're at a Jade Market in China"

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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Jade to Help You after Hurricane Ian

 A customer contacted me today to ask if our jade online stores were open.  The news shows the damage hurricane Ian did to Florida, and how there is still so much flooding, damage.  Yes!  All our stores are open.  Ying Yu Jade    JadeBangleBracelets   Jade Heaven.

Hurricane Ian's "eye" went right over us!  It was very scary. High winds, pouring rain.  We watched our streets flood, trees fall and damage homes, vehicles.  But our home was safe.  No damage.  And our area was cleared and cleaned up in just a few days.  I did not ship any orders until the Monday following Ian so the items would be safe in shipping.

Why did our home stay so safe?  Was it all the good qi energy of the tons of jade we have in our office?  Maybe!  Here's some examples of jade qi energy and its healing/protection.

And there is a Chinese saying: "When your personal jade breaks, it's because the qi protected you".

Green jade is the classic color, green related to the Liver Meridian.  It helps healing, including emotional healing.  It helps benefit good fortune.  And it has qi energy to protect from storms.

Red jade is related to the Heart Meridian.  It has a strong life force.  It is excellent for supporting exercise, tai chi, qigong as it helps flow the the body energy qualities.

Yellow jade is related to the Spleen Meridian.  Yellow jade is very rare, and very precious.  Yellow jade was highly regarded by ancient Chinese civilisations decades ago.  They believed the stone was a power force of attraction for prosperity and good fortune.

White jade is related to the Lung Meridian. Its power helps you feel calm and peaceful.  If you have allergies, asthma, problems breathing, white jade qi balances the energy.  if you have allergies, it's good to wear during your allergy season.

Black jade is related to the Kidney Meridian.  It is related to protection, peace, understanding, overall happiness.  I wear a bangle like the one in the photo when I travel, along with my regular bangle.

When you shop for jade, your body, mind and spirit are attracted to the jade that has the best Qi Energy.
Trust that!

Contact Us:
Ying Yu Jade
Jade Heaven


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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Jade for Sale - Jade Seat Cover for Cars, Vehicles

 When I met with my jade carver in China the first time, I was escorted by a government staff member and we rode in a government "limousine".  It took my breath away when the car door opened and I saw the seats covered in jade!

The jade seat covers shown in the photo are for regular cars, taxis.  I purchased these from the jade carver, along with "tons" of other jade. The beads are set in the padding.  The jade beads and genuine and natural Chinese jade, smoothly polished. When your body is sitting on the seat pad, you have the slight feel of the jade stone, but the beads do not feel uncomfortably bumpy. 

And of course, the jade adds good "qi energy" to your ride in the car.  A happy, healthy way to ride in your vehicle.

This is the last one available.  It was carved for Ying Yu Jade, and has not been used.  It is in our storage area so we can enjoy looking at it every day!

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